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  1. Nicolas FR

    Font Awesome Manager - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    nicodak submitted a new resource: Font Awesome Manager - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the Font Awesome Manager add-on from Kirby Read more about this resource...
  2. Sprisa

    XF 2.2 Showing icons in group user banner?

    Hello, I have been wondering for some is it possible to show font-awesome/material icons in user group banners? And how do forums do that when you register you get a message from some bot or account?
  3. Stuart Wright

    XF 2.2 When will we get FontAwesome 6 support?

    Fontawesome 6 has some useful icons and I’d like to use one of them (slider-flip). But there are some changes. <i class="far fa-alarm-clock"></i> in FA5 vs <i class="fa-regular fa-alarm-clock"></i> in 6. Is FA6 support in the pipeline?
  4. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Thread Icon 1.0.1 Patch Level 1

    Introduce Allow users to add icons to their threads. Based on FontAwesome Picker feature of [TC] Component Library. Customize icon for each thread based on Font Awesome Icons. Allow choosing forums that can use thread icons. Allow choosing icon position (before, after thread title), globally...
  5. Xenforo Media Gallery Suggestions

    Xenforo Media Gallery Suggestions

    Taking the Navigation to the next level, by adding the ability to add Font Awesome icons to it.
  6. K

    pyftsubset Single File Binary 1.0.4

    This resource is an Add-on for Font Awesome Manager. If you want to use this file, the server must be running Linux X64 and proc_open must be allowed. To verify those requirements, go to and check System and disable_functions: If the...
  7. Kruzya

    Unmaintained Russian language for Font Awesome Manager 1.2.0 RC 2

    Russian localization for Font Awesome Manager. Translated everything except log levels (this just doesn't moved to phrases).
  8. K

    Font Awesome Manager

    Kirby submitted a new resource: Font Awesome Manager - An Addon to easily subset Font Awesome for XenForo Read more about this resource...
  9. K

    Font Awesome Manager 1.2.7

    XenForo uses the icon font Font Awesome Pro 5 that contains over 7.000 icons of which XenForo typically uses only a few hundred. But as all icons are included in the CSS and font files, browsers have to download the full font files and CSS which does cause a significant overhead in most cases...
  10. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Help Page Icon 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

    Add FontAwesome icons or upload own icons to help pages! Requirements: XF 2.1+ Standard Library by Xon
  11. DeltaHF

    Unmaintained Reduce FontAwesome icon font file size

    NOTICE This add-on will no longer be maintained as a better solution for reducing your FontAwesome file sizes has been published by @Kirby here. I would strongly suggest using his add-on instead. The default XenForo 2.1 theme...
  12. hirowatch

    Elegance 2

    hirowatch submitted a new resource: Elegance 2 - Light style in red and blue tones for XF 2.x Read more about this resource...
  13. hirowatch

    Unmaintained Elegance 2 1.0 beta

    Stretched style of Elegance 2 with some modifications. The style was created based on the style from the first branch Demo
  14. SyTry

    XF 2.1 How to add Font Awesome before a text via CSS

    Hello, I'm currently updating my add-on to add Font Awesome icons in the Member View, but for now I use a lots of template modification.. I want to change it for a simple template modification to the EXTRA.less template. Here is the add-on ...
  15. Wildcat Media

    XF 2.1 Font Awesome Duotone Icons site-wide

    Has anyone attempted to find a way to get Font Awesome Duotone icons site-wide? We have this option under Typography: Adding a fourth choice, Duotone, would be the easiest in future XF versions, or via an add-on. But I'm thinking there must be some place in a template or style sheet where I...
  16. Stylesfactory

    Vice 2.2.15

    Vice is style for people who like to show something more on their forums than just empty nodes. It can be used for all kind of communities. You can: set background for node set icons for each forum set big content display panel with highlights set logo set welcome message set announcement...
  17. nelson vergel

    XF 2.1 After Xenforo v2.1.7 upgrade editor fonts not working

    Hello, I have updated Xenforo to v2.1.7 after update editor fonts awesome are not working. Screen shot attached
  18. BassMan

    [cXF] Change default FA node icon

    Would you like to change your default Font Awesome node icons like this? < read node > < unread node > To change a single node icon with a different Font Awesome icon add this code to your extra.less template: /*** Change default FA node icon **/ .node.node--idX { &.node--forum {...
  19. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar block title icons

    Would you like to have icons in the sidebar block titles like this? Here's a simple DIY tutorial on how to achieve this. Below you'll find the code for most common sidebar blocks. Open your extra.less template and add this code: [data-widget-section="staffMembers"]...
  20. zoldos

    Add-on can someone show me the "Font Awesome" resource?

    I have "Font Awesome Switch", but I can't seem to find the original, simple "Font Awesome" (XF 1.5.x). Can anyone please link me? Thanks!!
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