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Remove share icon AndyB
Remove share icon 1.3 $35.00
Removes share icon from posts.
[cXF] Navigation tab icons BassMan
Icons for navigation tabs and its subnavigation links also on mobile menu
[cXF] Status update on What's new page BassMan
Easily update your profile status on What's new page.
[cXF] Hide profile page BassMan
Hide profile page based on user group permission with a notice.
[cXF] Hide attachments with notice BassMan
Completely hide attachments with notice based on permissions.
[cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab BassMan
Adds an icon with link to What's New page on the right side of Alerts tab or Search tab.
Thread view count for article threads CedricV
Allows you to display a read counter for article based topics.
[8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO Turkish Language File Baby Community
Unmaintained [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO Turkish Language File XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]
[8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO
Prefix Description Styling Oblivion Knight
Allows for styling of Prefix Descriptions on a per-prefix basis
[cXF] QuickSearch customizations BassMan
Customize the quick search box to have fewer options and make it more transparent for users.
[cXF] Cookie Notice BassMan
Customize default cookie notice or make it floating
[cXF] Quick thread per forum BassMan
Disable quick thread on a forum basis.
[cXF] Replies and Views on thread view BassMan
Add replies and views to thread view
[OzzModz] XFRM Resources Layout Ozzy47
Change the way resources list looks
Making a Watched items page Grant
Well, at least adding a menu to all of the items
Discord Chatbox VenoVV
Add your discord to your Forum using Widget Bot
[cv6] New Post Icon Hoffi
Displays an icon in front of threads with new posts
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