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Bob's burgers inspired avatars DizzyDolly
15 Bob's burgers inspired avatars in 3 sizes
[ITD] Mixed Small FileType Icons XFA
20 Mixed Small 48x48 FileType Icons for ITD Attachment Icons II
[ITD] The Boss Avatar Set XFA
Add set of 36 Boss Type PNG avatars.
[ITD] Angry Birds Avatars Pack XFA
A set of 10 angry birds type avatars.
[ITD] Pirates Avatar Set XFA
A set of 10 pirates type avatars
[ITD] Animated Smileys Pack I XFA
A set of 24 different size animated smileys.
[ITD] Basic File-type Icons for Attachment Icons II XFA
Set of 57 basic file-type icons for Attachment Icons II
[ITD] Noto Emoji People Faces XFA
A collection of 50 Noto Emoji People Faces Icons
[ITD] Halloween XFA
A collection of 44 Halloween Avatars for Avatar Gallery
[ITD] Zombatar XFA
Zpmbatar Avatars set for [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery
[ITD] Matryoshka Avatars XFA
Matryoshka Avatars set for [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery
ITD Boarder Box World Flags Smiles XFA
159 boarder box world flags smilies for your board.
Gamepad Icons Oblivion Knight
Adds PlayStation and Xbox controller buttons as smilies
Minecraft All Pack CMTV
Use all Minecraft blocks, items, entities as smilies!
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