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TeamSpeak 3 Integration Naz
TeamSpeak 3 Integration 1.1.26 $35.00
Connect your TeamSpeak 3 server to your XenForo board.
MineSync, for XF1 nanocode
MineSync integrates your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum, syncs ranks and links players!
Discord Integration Naz
Discord Integration 1.2.3 $35.00
Connect your Discord server to your XenForo board.
[8WR] Discord Integration Jaxel
Integrate your Discord Guild with your Users Database
Xbox Live for XenForo 1.5
[8WR] Twitch Integration Jaxel
Integrate your Twitch channel with your Users Database
Steam Authentication & Integration HowIChrgeLazer
Authenticate with Steam! Contains additional features: Game statistics, Notices, and SteamProfile
Replace built-in PayPal with Paygates in PayPal Donate system.
External Accounts Extended silence
Because one social network isn't enough!
Minecraft Name Check JamieSinn
Check if the username given during registration is a valid Minecraft username
Sucuri API 1.0.0a
Integrate with Sucuri website firewall.
Plugin Nodes Bloodcinder
Embed Flash, Java, CometChat/ArrowChat rooms, and other apps in the node tree alongside your forums.
Instagram Authenticate (Integration) truonglv
Login to forum with Instagram account.
Handles username changes for Minecraft-oriented websites.
[MODM] AjaxChat integration for XenForo ManOnDaMoon
A javascript+PHP+MySQL web chat, now integrated with XenForo.
Teamspeak Integration silence
Automates Teamspeak server-group assignments!
WordPress article and display it as a page in a XenForo page node
[8WR] XenHebra  (No Forum) Jaxel
Forum Listings and Forum View Removal
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