Teamspeak Integration

Unmaintained Teamspeak Integration 1.3.8 Alpha

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This just fixes the server group changes. Big update coming soon, donating will get it done faster!
  • Fixed template not showing max clients correctly.
  • Fixed DataWriter for new users.
  • Fixed widgets when the cron hasn't run yet, just says that the addon hasn't been setup fully!
  • Fixed the Installer again, just plain ignore if the table exists through PHP and not the MySQL query.
Fixed installer issue.
I accidentally put my serveradmin password somewhere in the source, so it has been removed and changed on my server. Don't try to use it please, you will only be wasting your time :D
If you like what you see, donate! It will keep the addon free and allow for more frequent updates! Feature requests may not be taken if no donation has been provided.
  • Allow users to disable getting alerts from the forum.
  • Moved Viewer from front-end processing to cronjob to allow for fast load times. Cronjob executes every 15 minutes.
  • Added 2 Widgets for the 'Widget Framework' package! Server Viewer, and Server Statistics.
  • Various other fixes that are too miniscule to mention.
Quick fix:
  • Fixed Viewer in ControllerPublic. If you were on 1.2.1 Alpha, just reupload the single file 'library/Teamspeak/ControllerPublic/Account/Viewer.php'
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