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Unmaintained Minecraft UUID/Name Change Handler 0.1.0

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As Mojang are planning to introduce a new feature into Minecraft that allows you to change your username, I thought I'd make this addon. It enables users to change their username on your XenForo website after they have changed their Minecraft username.

Before the release of the Minecraft username changing feature Mojang have released a UUID system. Each user has a unique ID and this persists across username changes.

My add-on simply fetches the UUIDs for all users and stores them in the XenForo database. When a user changes their username on Minecraft, their old UUID will be assigned to their username. When they change their username on your XenForo site, it looks up their old username's UUID and compares it with the one their new username has. If they are the same then the change goes ahead. All UUIDs are fetched off Mojang's website with the API they provide.

To install just upload the contents of the upload folder to your site and install the addon-mcUUID.xml file. After installation, go to your ACP -> Tools -> Regenerate UUIDs and run the tool. This fetches all of the UUIDs for your users and stores them in the database.

I'm releasing this as a free add-on as it really didn't take too long to make. However, donations are extremely appreciated and probably the best way you can show support!

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  3. Fix and test pagination

    Fix and test pagination when fetching UUIDs.

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Works as described
Absolutely love it. Having the UUIDs in place will be useful for getting my server and website communicating again. Just waiting an update from the CommunityBridge developer now!
Again, thanks :D
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