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Unmaintained Social Network Authentication (Twitter, Google, 1.0

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Must have addon!
Works great!
Work like a charm for my site
Works great!
Great, thanks.
Amazing product!
Seems to work well so far, haven't had any issues with it myself.
Great addon, no support.
Wonderful work. Thanks !
Works great! Can't ask for more! Can't wait for more bridges.
Just what I was looking for, Thanks guys :)
Works great! Thanks :)
One of the best, a MUST have add-on, above all excellent support.
AWESOME!!! Been needing a google login for awhile now.
NIcely great! thanks...
OMG ! ! ! You sir, are the man. And outstanding and very well thought out resource. A true valued free contribution to XenForo and should be standard for any serious Admin wanting to welcome new members :-)
One add-on for all types! :)
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