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Speed up your site with a CDN Mouth
Use KeyCDN (Content Delivery Network) to cheaply accelerate your site
Elasticsearch 6 Installation on CentOS 7 Nirjonadda
This tutorial will help you to setup Elasticsearch 6 on Red Hat/CentOS 7 64 bits based distribution.
Guide: Random Banners - automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool otto
Banner - automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool of X banners, responsive banner adds
Show or  hide a  template or content based on browser viewport width ForumHeroes
A guide on how to show or hide a template or even content to a mobile device or small browser widths
A method of adding webfonts to your XenForo site that works with the Redactor text editor.
XenForo Docker megabosx
Run XenForo in docker containers for testing or production
Increase engagement with a web app install banner for your XenForo site
Mega SVG Smilies / Emoji RobinHood
Enlarge your smilies similar to the new iMessage & What'sApp updates
Embeded Flash Games in BBCode Media Sites. XFA
Add embeded flash games to your XF board via BBCode Media Sites.
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