Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
Additional requirements
Aside from Facebook Integration, this guide presumes you have XenForo 1.3 installed.
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Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration has been available in XenForo for some time. But in case you are unfamiliar, follow these instructions to set up Facebook Integration so that your users can sign up or log in with Facebook...
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Quite informative. Great! You have simplified the whole thing. It was getting complicated for me! Now am good.
thank you I read your post from the day I use xenforo and i am grateful for that. You really saved me a lot of time and stress
Straight forward and to the point, I didn't have any issues following these instructions. Thank you to the author for taking the time to create this!!!
Excellent overview. Thank you, I appreciate it very much. Easy to use and understandExcellent overview. Had all three working within minutes...........
rated 5***** - I tried this by myself thinking it would be easy and failed miserably. Completed it using your guide in a couple of minutes. Brilliant. Thanks!
This is a perfect integration guide for Facebook, Twitter and Google. All 3 external integrations done in minutes, without any hassle. Each step is clear and easy to follow. The whole lot is up and running, tested and working with very little effort.
Great work!
Awesome, thanks for this summary. Had all three hooked up and going within 10 minutes.
not working on xenforo v1.3.4 with Google Integration
Chris D
Chris D
It works fine. You ought to revisit the instructions and rewrite your review once you have fixed it.
Excellent guide!
Nice and simple
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