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This is a little add-on that removes the ability for posters to post in color.
[WMTech] Post Guard (basic) wmtech
Prevent users posting invalid posts & threads with regex post guards
[WMTech] Post Guard Pro wmtech
Prevent users posting invalid or disallowed content with Post Guards
Post Friction X
Slowdown some types of "spammy" posting.
Perspective API Integration by AddonsLab AddonsLab
Post moderation and live feedback about post quality using Google Perspective API
User Activity by Xon X
Displays user activity per content
Edit Delete Limit AndyB
Allows setting a more restrictive edit and delete time limit for a few members.
Word Count Search X
Word-count range searches
[rellect] Favicon for Links R
Automatically adds favicons to links.
Convert Image All AndyB
Converts ALL hot linked images to attachments.
Amazon Parser All AndyB
Adds Amazon affiliate number to links in messages.
Accept cookies banner for EU users lms
Banner for accept cookies (for Google analytics, end users, etc)
Bookmarks X
Unmaintained Bookmarks 2.0.5 $35.00
Bookmark thread posts and profile posts for future reference.
View Map AndyB
View Map 1.9
Creates a link called View Map for use in messages.
[XFA] Default Editor Format XFA
Ever wanted to set default format options ? Your dream is now reality !
Convert Image AndyB
Converts hot linked images to attachments.
Thread Reply Limit AndyB
Limits the number of replies allowed per thread.
Advanced Search AndyB
Allows searching posts using exact text.
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