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First of all, a thank you...

Dakis has kindly funded the development of this add-on (and many others) and has kindly allowed me to release this add-on for free to the community.

Dakis has recently moved his site TravelStories.gr over to XenForo and I'm sure you will agree it looks fantastic.

What this add-on does...


The add-on displays a counter above the "What's New?" link on the navigation bar.

This counter displays the current number of unread posts (individual posts, not threads) that are visible to the user (it counts the number of unread posts in the forums that are visible to the current user on the forum list).

The counter is only shown to logged in visitors.

If you wish to install this add-on on XenForo 1.1.x then you must use this version of the add-on.


The easiest way to install this add-on is if you use the Add-On Installer.

Download the zip file.
Extract its contents to your hard drive.
Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
Complete install via the Admin CP using the provided XML file.


Something very important happens during the install or upgrade of the add-on.

An index is added to the xf_post table. This index applies to the post_date column.

Adding an index can sometimes be a lengthy operation (directly dependent on the number of posts in the xf_post table). On my forum with 3,000,000 posts the operation took 50 seconds.

Often this amount of time is beyond the PHP max execution time.

If you receive an error during install or upgrade stating that the max execution time has been exceeded, then please run the following query directly on your XenForo MySQL database using PHP My Admin (or preferably directly on the command line):

ALTER TABLE `xf_post`
ADD INDEX `unread_post_count_post_date` (`post_date` ASC)

After that query has run, the add-on will install/upgrade without issue.

In the event that you're unable to perform this query and as a result performance problems persist then you should uninstall the add-on as no further support can be provided.
Chris D
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Latest reviews

Phenomenal, does what it says.
I visit a forum that uses it but quite honestly it gives me anxiety, I always seem to be hundreds of post behind :)
Great plugin.. works fine. However, for me the text was coming as New Posts as opposed to Whats New. Is that a configurablefeature??

also, a jQuery dropdown when hovering on the counter would be awesome?
Beautiful! I lost a similar feature during the upgrade to Xenforo so I'm so happy to have it back :) Works perfectly!
More awesomeness from Chris D. I'm sorry I just found this. :) Why does this review have to be 150 characters? It's a great add-on. Great! Great! Great!
Just installed this add-on on my forum after converting to XF. I like this add-on a lot, I had to edited the theme to fit the colors of the post count. But it's worth it.
This is one of the most useful plugins while I'm at the station and the fact you support it like you do speaks volumes. 5 stars from me! Looking forward to working with you on other projects.
Wonderful resource, and wonderful support. Cheers Chris :)
Helps keep members and admins aware of new content and helps a site seem more active. A+++
Definitely useful, as it makes New Posts stand out more.
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