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XR Product Manager Chris D
XR Product Manager 2.0.2 £30.00
Sell digital products and manage optional extras and renewals all within XenForo
Keep your gallery running after updating to XenForo 2.x
Add-on Install & Upgrade Chris D
Ultimate tool to Install or Upgrade Add-ons from Zip files, direct from the RM and much MORE!
Change Thread Starter Chris D
Permission based ability to be able to alter the starter of a thread
Hide Poll Results Chris D
Allows you to set various permissions relating to poll results
Unmaintained Reset Password From ACP 1.0.1
Allows an admin to generate a password reset e-mail
Thread Tag Importers Chris D
Allows you to retroactively import thread tags from vBulletin and IP Board
Live Update Chris D
Live Update 4.0.1
Automatically updates your alert / inbox, adds indicator to favicon.
Add-on Builder Chris D
Handy developer tool to automate the process of packaging add-ons.
Rebuilds XFMG custom field cache for each media item
Compiling FFmpeg From Source Chris D
Steps to follow in order to compile FFmpeg from source manually
Redirection Scripts for PhotoPost vBGallery Chris D
Redirects vBGallery URLs to XenForo Media Gallery
Auto Link Titles Chris D
Unmaintained Auto Link Titles 1.0.10
While a URL is being auto linked, the page title is fetched and added to the post.
Content Type Management Chris D
Easily manage and rebuild XenForo content types from the Admin CP
Jump To Permissions Chris D
Simply jump to the desired permission interface group... or to the top... or to the bottom!
Unread Post Count Chris D
Displays a count of the current number of unread posts over the "New Posts" link
Adds the My Account wrapper (sidebar) to Conversations pages
Restore Strikethrough In Editor Chris D
Position of strikethrough button can optionally depend on viewport width.
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