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Change Thread Starter 1.0.4

No permission to download
Thank you. So useful. It works pretty good. For the people who don't know how it works, remember to give permisions con groups/user.
I was looking for this. After assigning a new person to a resource it looked kind of weird that the discussion thread was started by someone else. This did exactly what we wanted. Thanks Chris.
Thanks for creating this. Been looking for a way to create threads for some members who have issues figuring out how to post on the forum, or for people who post something in the chat area that needs to be in the forum area.
Works perfect on 1.3.5 and 1.4
very useful, good job
Many thanks, works so well I donated!
Extremely helpful and easy to use. Thanks, Chris.
Perfect for an upcoming project I have :-)
Works great! Do you see the date change option coming into this soon? i would really like that one...
Chris D
Chris D
To be completely honest, there is a more feature rich add-on by someone else here. Check out the resources by *******. I believe it might already have a date change option :) Thanks for the view and download.
Quick and Effective. Very Nice and Useful Add-on. Thanks
Very useful and excellent addon, need 100% on a website.
Thank you.
Yet another excellent resource by Chris 5 stars all day long.
Very useful add-on, thank you Chris. Keep up the nice work.
Perfect. Didn't want to search all over my files for the old version to install that would have zero support. Appreciate you coming to the rescue.
Chris D
Chris D
Many thanks stewart1champ
Works great! Love it, another one of Chris's amazing resources! :) :D
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you mate.