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Add-on Install & Upgrade 1.4.3

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Swiss Knife of updating and Installing. Very use full addon, saves you so much time getting all the necessary updates done quickly.
Thank you
Thanks for this add-on makes my life easier to install add-ons rather than having to deal ftp access why this isn't core i don't know
This is absolutely an invaluable tool for administrators. This is the first addon you should install. There is absolutely no reason you should not have this addon installed (unless you enjoy doing things the hard way).
I concur with Amin's comments. I've always known about this, but never really used it. Makes life so much easier when maintaining the addons you have installed.
Amazing. I knew about this addon but always thought I didn't need it. Was I wrong! This makes it so much easier to do addon installation and updates! Wow!
This one makes my list on indispensable addons. Being able to update over a dozen addons in one shot by just selecting the ZIP files is a huge time saver. Heck just avoiding having to FTP anything is a time saver. Everyone should be using this. The latest version has so many nice features and has fixed all previous issues. Obligatory "should be in core" required
Beautiful! Lifesaving! Simply amazing! Err.. loving it! Err... err... one of the best add-on that was ever made!
It makes it VERY easy to update add-ons. I love being able to update from the resource manager and I also love the ability to upload zip files.
Perfect add-on.
It solved a big problem I had with installing a add-on.
From now on it will indeed be very easy to install add-ons.
This is a TREMENDOUS add-on, which will save you time & effort!

I love the flexibility in choosing how to install an add-on, and the built-in version checker for all your add-ons! That feature in itself, saves you a lot of time in running down what version you have installed vs. what is the latest version that's available.

The only issues I encountered in using it, were: 1)attempting to Upgrade other add-ons which were marked as 'Download Now via External Site,' in which case it could not resolve the ZIP file and threw several errors and, 2)some add-ons (i.e. those w/o an 'upload' directory) would get written to the server in the wrong directories. So if you see some new stray/duplicate directories on your server that just don't seem to belong there…they probably don't.

Again one other thing, that makes this such a handy add-on, is the ability to check the versions of all your various add-ons. That feature alone, makes this a desirable add-on in that it helps you to keep your add-ons up to date!
Exactly what I needed. Saved lots of time checking for updates and helped me to have better and more neat watched resources list. Thanks Chris.
Sure helped me get things done... would have been five stars but ran into a couple add on's this would not work with. But other then then that perfect for newbies like me who hate FTP. Hats off !!
Wow. I never new this add-on had so much to it. I love the fact that it checks for upgrades without requiring me to follow every add-on I have installed. A huge time saver. Thanks.
New user to xenforo and this is perfect! It was getting old having to ftp into my webserver each time there was an update. Installed this addon this morning, updated 3 plugins, went though without a hiccup!
Amazing add-on! One of the best I've ever installed. Extremely useful, and should certainly be part of the core xenForo package. Keep up the good work! :)
I love this add-on. This allows for the easy installation and upgrading of other add-ons (and itself) without having to FTP or SSH into your server - it will even download the addons for you if you supply it with your Xenforo credentials... and best of all, it's free!
In my opinion one of the best addon available on xenforo. It allows me to save so much of my time without having to go to the RM checking for updates ! In addition, this addon is easy to use, easy to understand, truly a must have !
so good that it should be a core item! this is the most useful resource you will find for xenforo, as it makes installing addons so easy a caveman could do it. This should be the first addon that you install, which makes other addons that much easier to install. Get it and donate a few bucks!
Excellent add-on which has saved me tons of time. This should be part of the core :)
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