Live Update

Live Update 4.0.1

No permission to download
  • Do not allow guests to try and access the Live Update page
This update to Live Update brings some important new changes:
  • New Display Option: Previous versions of Live Update have focused on altering the favicon.ico file with a small bubble containing the alert count. Now, you can choose to display the count in the page title, instead.
  • User Configuration: Users can now control how Live Update shows to them. They can even turn it off completely. They can display favicon or title count, or both!
  • Some enhancements in the code including one recommended by @Bloodcinder.
This is also an important note about the license of this add-on:

This add on was originally coded by @Naatan and @Robbo but maintained and supported by @Chris D. The code IS open source (though the GitHub repo has not been kept up to date, at the moment) but it is important to note the add-on is licensed under the MIT License.

If you wish to re-use any code from this add-on, or otherwise fork it please ensure the original copyright message is kept in tact. That can be found here:

I would also consider it to be a friendly gesture to at least ask permission to copy this code before trying to pass it off as your own.
This update simply resolves an issue whereby the JS would run even for guests, where it is not necessary.

Also, the JS is minified by default now.
  • Now includes Tinycon 0.6.1
  • New Option group and option to explicitly define the location of your favicon.ico file (recommended if the wrong icon is being picked up)
  • Uses template modifications instead of template hooks (now only XenForo 1.2 compatible)
  • Change of add-on ID to LiveUpdate (from AjaxPolling)
It is recommended to uninstall the existing version of the add-on prior to installing this version, but that should be handled for you automatically if you forget or do not read this! :)

If anyone does have any issues installing, please uninstall any instances of Live Update(s) and reinstall the current version.

A special thank you goes out to Robbo and Naatan who have allowed me to continue supporting this.
Robbo recently released his awesome XenForo Enhancer userscript which (among other things) automatically checks for new alerts, much like AjaxPolling did. Seeing as AjaxPolling had some issues due to the fact that it was developed when I had very little knowledge of XenForo he asked if I'd be willing to inherit his code and well, here we are.

Basically this maintains the same funtionality as the original, but goes about things more efficiently. It also adds a tinycon featured favicon indicator, meaning people will be notified even if they aren't currently viewing XenForo (provided the tab is open). It also suppresses the loading animations, so visitors aren't constantly bothered by them.

So full credit for this update goes to Robbo, who has done an awesome job in rewriting this addon!


After updating, you can remove the library/AjaxPolling and js/ajaxpolling folders, since the addon has been renamed these folders are no longer needed.

Delete AFTER upgrading, not before!
Ensure add-on works when jQuery is not aliased to $
  • Fixed bug where alerts would mark all alerts as read.
  • Fixed getting notified multiple times of the same alert / notification.
  • Fixes bug on all IE versions
  • Added XenForo notification popins for alerts / messages
The previous version had a dependency on PHP 5.3 which has now been removed, my apologies.