Conversations [1.x]

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ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat ArrowSuites
Add FREE live chat and video to your XenForo site
Conversation Essentials X
Vital functions and features for viewing and managing personal conversations.
A collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system.
User Upgrade Conversation AndyB
Sends a Conversation when a member does a User Upgrade.
Conversation Search AndyB
Allows members to quickly find conversations in their inbox.
[XFA] Conversation Read Alert XFA
Allow your members to receive notification when a conversation or post in conversation is read.
[cXF] Conversation Button under Avatar BassMan
Show conversation button or icon on various positions + some extra features
Conversation Email Limiter X
Limit conversation message notification emails to one per unread conversation.
Allow your staff to respond to locked conversations
Live Update Chris D
Live Update 4.0.1
Automatically updates your alert / inbox, adds indicator to favicon.
[WMTech] Realtime Chat Conversations wmtech
Easy To Install, Simple, Personal & Real Time Live Messaging
Adds conversation search to the search system, with options to search by recipient
A few new conversation permissions (reply based)
Choose who can reply to conversations...
Conversations Prune AndyB
Allows pruning old conversations.
Adds the My Account wrapper (sidebar) to Conversations pages
Conversation Reply Limit AndyB
Limits the number of replies allowed per conversation.
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