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Conversation Essentials

Conversation Essentials 1.12.24

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • Fix possible error marking a conversation a read/unread
  • Fix compatibility with Post Ratings for "Conversation Essentials - Post Rating support"
  • Fix compatibility with a private add-on
  • Fix for undefined variable when viewing conversation message search results
  • Fix migration code from really old versions
  • Fix export conversation feature compatibility with a private add-on.
  • Remove a redundant index on convess_group table
  • Code cleanup catching some potential bugs
  • Fix old conversation essential upgrade path blocking XF2 upgrade.
    • Upgrade to Conversation Improvements 1.3.8 to migrate any blocking changes for XF2 upgrade
  • Fix Filtered conversations appearing in main inbox
  • Fix alert pop-up occurring when a filtered conversation is received.
  • Rebuild conversation count on applying bulk-filter
  • Convert a number of older template modifications to regex's to better support modern themes
Likes: Sunka
  • Add missing convessTab style property which wasn't correctly linked up since v1.6.0
  • Improve theme compatibility when injecting conversation options into navigation_visitor_tab
    • Moves code out of template modification and into a new navigation_visitor_tab_convess template.
    • Is not directly compatible with UIX's "uix_visitorTabsToUserBar" setting, but enables easily adding a template modification to inject the "navigation_visitor_tab_convess" template into the right spot.
  • Add optional leave link to conversation list items
    • Disabled by default.
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix "filtered" tab not navigating correctly.
Likes: Sunka
  • Respect the default opt-in when a user does not have permission to configure their privacy setting to forbid sharing last read status to users with permission to view last read status.
  • The original Like conversion code was buggy, this resulted in messages missing the "you liked" bar or showing the number of likes. This update ensures all previous likes converted from Conversation Essentials to Conversation Improvements are fixed up. This will take some time, but only works on Liked conversation messages.
    • The like data wasn't lost, it just wouldn't display properly
Likes: Sunka