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Unmaintained Start Conversation from Post (Ajax) 1.2.5

Adds a "Start a Conversation" link in every post, next to "Report" and/or under User Info

  1. Hlchia
    This add-on allows you to put a "Start a Conversation" link below post

    message, next to the "Report" post link and/or in the User Info Extra. It uses the core XenForo Ajax Overlay function, defaults conversation title to thread title and users remain on the same post after submitting the conversation.


    There is also an option to quote the post in the conversation to provide context. (Added in ver 1.2)
    option to quote post.PNG

    This is useful if you want to encourage your members to use the private conversation function instead of replying to a thread.

    • Extract the contents of the Zip file.
    • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
    • Install in the Admin CP using the provided XML file.
    • Go to Admin CP -> Options -> Conversation Post to select your options.

    This is my first add-on contribution and is inspired by Chris Deeming's
    Start Conversation from Post Bit and the existing core "Report" function

    start a conversation with overlay.PNG


    1. start a conversation.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. introspectionNation
    Version: 1.2.5
    Me and the folks in my community love this. For awhile people wanted rep comments without actual rep points to add private commentary on posts, but this makes so much more sense.

    The only thing I can think of that would make it better is somehow embedding the conversation beneath the post within the thread but so that only the participants can see.
  2. imspot
    Version: 1.2.5
    Works great
  3. time
    Version: 1.2.4
    great. Like!
  4. Saved0ne
    Version: 1.2.3
    works great! :) that tiny bug was fixed.. in like 15 minutes. awesome job.
  5. Gazhyde
    Version: 1.1
    Moving from phpBB members complained there was no way of starting a conversation relating to a thread. So glad I found this add-on!
  6. AndreaMarucci
    Version: 1.1
    Works perfectly!
  7. Tracy Perry
    Tracy Perry
    Version: 1
    Great addition. Would be nice if could be placed in postbit, but I'm sure a simple edit of the template will solve that.
  8. André Jonassen
    André Jonassen
    Version: 1
    Simple yet effective. Works like a charm.