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Threadmarks Pro X
Extra Threadmark features
[cXF] Sticky Navigation BassMan
Add sticky (floating) navigation and/or floating moderator bar to your forum + many extra features
Threadmarks Sidane
Tag specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.
[HA] Floating Menu Ozzy47
Easily create and manage floating menu
[cXF] Advanced Footer BassMan
Add icons and/or extra links to footer, set columns, fixed footer and more features!
Remove Marked Forums Read AndyB
Removes "Mark Forums Read" link in navigation bar.
Random Thread AndyB
Displays a random thread.
[XFA] Navigation Tabs to Sidebar Block XFA
Lighten your Navigation Tabs by moving some extra ones to Sidebar Block
A new, modern and very mobile friendly menu navigation system
[cXF] Advanced Navigation BassMan
Enhance your forum navigation with many extra features
Nodes As Tabs Jake Bunce
Enables nodes to have their own nav tabs. Supports tab selection, permissions, and child links.
Redirect to specific route on user login.
Allows a single CloudFlare page rule to apply to login & registration
Does what it says on the tin, adds a help tab to your navigation.
Provides a link and buttons that take you directly to the oldest unread post
Navigation Entire Link Trigger Popup Iversia
Removes drop down arrows and makes entire top navigation link hoverable.
Allows you to get a What's New listing for a specific node
Style Selector in Sidebar DRE
Select your style without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
8thos Navigation Avatar DRE
Add an avatar to the navigation menu
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