Unmaintained Threadmarks 1.5.4

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  • Respect thread locked state when adding/editing/deleting threadmarks
  • Surface some threadmark info as data attributes on threadmark index
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  • Do not special case touch for on-hover events in js
  • Rework threadmarks menu to play nicer with touch
  • Allow per-thread threadmark category cache to be injected with additional information
  • Add statistics block to threadmarks index with option to disable it.
  • Fix issue where moving a nested threadmark to a new category results in that thread's threadmark ordering for that category being uneditable.
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  • Threadmark types, allows categorizing distinct from the main threadmark list.
  • Permissions on threadmark categories define who can create a threadmark on a given category.
  • Categories are admin defined.
  • A post can only have 1 threadmark.
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  • Improve robustness of installer
  • Improve ElasticSearch extension code.
  • On quick reply, on a thread with no threadmarks ensure the new threadmark shows up
  • Fix compatibility with pre-XF 1.5 versions
  • Add threadmarks from quick reply/reply
  • Implement require extendability for Word Count support
  • Expose threadmark cache rebuild to the rebuild cache page
  • Reduce data fetching on threads with no threadmarks
  • Fix displaying post user avatar on threadmark preview.
  • Update jsTree library
  • Use local copy of jstree
  • Fix typo in uninstaller
  • Fix ElasticSearch/XenForo Enhanced Search detection
  • Fix "Click to lock" phrase
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  • Style properties for theming
  • Optional next/previous/index navigation for threadmarked posts.
  • Ability to sortable threadmarks from a thread's threadmark index
  • Threadmark history, and on hover information for who created it.
  • News feed integration
  • Expose threadmarks to the search
Many thanks to @Xon for all his great work.
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