Unmaintained Threadmarks 1.5.4

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  • Add more whitespace to a SQL query for compatibility with other addons.
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  • Fix incorrect database index in v1.1.3.
  • Ensure threadmarks are immediately visible when moving threadmarked posts to another thread.
    Note: Threadmarks drop down menu still doesn't appear until deferred task runs.
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  • Drop down menu was showing no threadmarks when menu limit permission was set to unlimited. Now shows all threadmarks.
  • Update moderator log threadmark entries to include label when creating/editing/deleting
  • respect post visibility when listing threadmarks (i.e. threadmarks on hidden posts aren't listed)
  • more fine grained permissions (see Overview)
  • threadmark label length increased from 100 characters to 255
  • ensure threadmarks remain on posts when moved to a different thread (note: uses deferred task so threadmarks will take a few seconds to appear in target thread)
  • threadmarks button is now clickable to open all threadmarks list
  • display threadmarks menu on single page threads
  • ensure threadmark still shows after editing a post
  • do not show threadmarks dropdown menu when javascript is disabled
  • use template modifications instead of deprecated template hooks
  • remove unnecessary phrase database queries
Thanks to @Xon for his awesome help with these updates.