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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
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This is a cXF Pack C Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack C Membership for:

With this add-on you're a step closer to modern website approach. It will add a sticky (floating) navigation with many options and customizations in style properties.

It was designed to work with default XenForo style (which is easy to customize), so no third party style is needed.

* if you will use Font Awesome icons, it is recommended to install this add-on: https://www.customizexf.com/resources/cxf-font-awesome-switch.3/, unless you already have them installed by a third party style or add-on.

**If you haven't already done so, please rate and review!

Extra feature (options):

  • show sticky navigation and adjust activation position in style properties extra for guests, registered users and staff
  • easy enable or disable sticky navigation for mobile systems
  • show sticky navigation with sticky logo
  • sticky moderator bar
  • move visitorTabs (Username/Inbox/Alerts) to moderator bar
  • option : user selectable sticky (fixed) navigation --> read more here
  • option to add extra navigation tabs
  • option to show quicksearch in navigation bar
  • option to show search icon in navigation
  • option to show admin menu (moderator bar functions) in navigation and remove default moderator bar on top
  • option to show inline alert balloons (recommended when using sticky navigation)
  • option to trigger popup on entire navigation tab
  • option to hide second row of sticky navigation
  • option to show mini avatar
  • option to show small logo on sticky navigation
  • option to hide header logo and show small logo in navigation
  • option to show zero alert balloon
  • option to show Log In/Sign Up link in navigation bar (with or without icon) + customizable in style properties
  • option to show Logout text link or icon on the right side of alerts link
  • option to show username, inbox and alerts like icons
  • option to show home tab and home link in breadcrumb as icon
  • option to remove Search Forums in navigation
  • option to show all forums when searching
  • option to show all forums when searching resources (XF Resource Manager is required to activate this function)
  • option to change icons with Font Awesome codes
  • option to remove Mark Forums Read, Search Forums, Watched Forums and Watched Threads link in navigation
  • option to add Recent Posts link to left of New Posts link
  • show Go to top link (or icon) in navigation only when sticky
  • disable Font Awesome script if you don't use FA icons
  • show quick navigation menu in navigation
  • open login form in an overlay
  • navigation tabs icons
  • ...
See screenshots for more information about options.

< activated sticky navigation >

< activated sticky navigation with sticky moderator bar >

*note: optional you can move visitorTabs (Username/Inbox/Alerts) to moderator bar and/or change all moderator bar links with icons

< activated sticky navigation with sticky logo >

< activated logo in navigation when sticky (optional) >

< always show logo in navigation (optional) >

< hide second row of sticky navigation (optional) >

... or with Logo in navigation option enabled:

  • tested on default template only
  • remove all add-ons with similar functionality before installing this one
  • remove Advanced Navigation add-on before installing this one (if you have it)
  1. Download and unzip it
  2. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page
  3. Upload the xml file and click the Install Add-on button.
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Latest updates

  1. 3.11.2

    small bug fix
  2. 3.11.1

    What's new in version 3.11.1: small bug fix for login button How to upgrade: install the XML...
  3. 3.11.0

    What's new in version 3.11.0: added the "lightning" icon for What's New page on mobile view...

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IS very emotion this Addon, Im decide to buy and test Addon and is good for my forum, thanks for Developer.
Thank you very much for you review.
Amazing Add-On This has made EVERYTHING simple for me, instead of editing the templates to add more navigation tabs i can simply add it without any coding! Loving this resource, keep up your amazing work!
Thank you very much for your review. It's nice to hear you find it useful for your community.
Must have for rookie people like me. Easy to learn. Very useful features. Good helper in customization.

Lot of thanks
Keep moving
Thank you for your review and I'm glad you like it.
This Add-on is Bad Assssssssssssss. Wow i love it soooo much. Its exactly what my boar needed, withthe mod bar link option. 5 Star rating and everybody should get this add-on. I will continue to support this developer
Thank you very much for your review and I'm really glad you like it so much. Just hope your cummunity will see benefit from this add-on too.
Awesome mod! I didn't even need to upload anything except the XML file and it worked perfectly without any config. It has really enhanced my site which has a lot of sub-forums!
zoldos, thank you very much for your time to review Sticky Navigation. It's nice to hear it worked out for you.
Highly recommended addon. After considering other styles with sticky navigation.. i finally decided to use this addon and customize the default style to suit my needs... Am so glad Bassman released this.
I'm glad you find default style useful with Sticky Navigation. Also hope customizexf.com can help you with your customization. Thanks for review.
Highly recommended addon for any XenForo board. So useful. My members love it! I received fantastic support from the developer BassMan, who went above and beyond to help me get it working with my customized navigation templates.
Thank you very much for your review, Amin. I'm really glad you and your community likes it and find it useful.
What a great add-on! Simply a must have. Works beautifly and so powerfull. Its feature rich and the functionality is absolutely amazing!
The way it works on mobil is also hands down brilliant.
A must have! Great work BassMan!
Thank you very much, Goodfella. I'm really glad you like it and thanks for review.
Recommended Add On for everyone. Fast response and good developer. The Add On is easy to set up and the Overview illustrated very clear and in a very good way. I love it very much. thank you :)
Thank you very much for your review, SoeHoe. I'm glad you like it.
Updated again to the new version. everything perfect, it's working like a charm. this addon is really great and if there are some small bug is always quickly fixed by BassMan. great developer! thanks again for this update. really appreciate your great job!
... and I really appreciate your time to review it again. Thank you, rafass!
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