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  1. LuisM

    XF 2.0 Multi Column Navbar Dropdown

    Hello guys, I'm trying to create multi column navbar in xenForo. How can I create this? Original: Target look:
  2. Mike Morrell

    XF2 Demo - question on navigation/menus (not in the manual?)

    Hi, I'm trying out a XF2 demo version to learn more about XF2. The manual describes 2 basic menu levels and some options to customise menus. I used the 'sort' function during the setup to customise the demo menu structure. I've grouped several second-level 'media watches' under one top-level...
  3. AddonsLab

    [AddonsLab] Navigation Badge 1.0.0

    The add-on solves the problem of having a badge/counter in your navigation bar. XenForo 2.x has navigation manager, where you can create any tabs/sub-menu, however, it does allow to put some additional badge on them (for example, when you need to highlight one of your tabs with a "New!" badge...
  4. Shinka

    Beta [Shinka] AJAX Paging 1.0.0 Beta 5

    [Shinka] AJAX Paging Replaces pagination links with AJAX calls. Installation Download the latest stable release Extract the zip Copy the contents of the upload folder to the root of your Xenforo installation Install and activate the add-on in your Admin CP Features Changing pages (e.g...
  5. katsulynx

    2.0 Navigation Swipe Support

    Would be cool, if it would be possible to close the navigation on small devices with touch support by swiping to the left. That would create some familiarity for android users, who are able to use this behaviour throughout most of their apps (e.g. Googles Apps).
  6. whitesky

    Vanquish 1.6.0

    Vanquish is an incredibly rich and graphically detailed gaming style for Xenforo forum. Originating as an HTML & Flash interface, over the years Vanquish has moved through different platforms, including vBulletin and EliteLadders. Now Vanquish is fully updated and remastered to take advantage...
  7. Becky Robertson

    XF 1.5 Please Help! Main Navigation Help Needed!

    I'm going to ask this again because I can't seem to get an answer & I cannot figure it out on my own. I want to put a tab in the main menu that says "Community". Under that tab (as children) I want to put the "Forums", "Members" and "Media" links. These three links, and only these three links...
  8. Mouth

    Sticky header should be sub menu items and visitor navigation

    With the current sticky header (XF2), you get primary navigation and visitor navigation. When you scroll down through the content for the relevant primary navigation area (Forums, Resources, Media etc.) in the vast majority of cases your next site interaction is with the sub menu items for the...
  9. Kerby

    Lack of interest Navigation Subnavigation Hover Expand Effect

    I wish that the expanded subnavigation will disapear if the cursor moves away like on other sites, because that's much more comfortable for me. In XF it only disappear when I click on other elements in example the background. in xf (don't like): on other sites (good):
  10. J

    XF 1.5 Navigation Icons

    I'm having issues setting up a FA Icon for my navigation (donation button) Here's the code: <!-- Donate --> <li class="navTab PopupClosed"><a href="walrusgaming.net/donate" class="navLink">Donate</a></li>
  11. omds

    Duplicate Header Menu Management

    It should be a basic function to extend and (re-)order the header navigation.
  12. Dadparvar

    [HA] 3D Navigation 1.0.1

    You may also check the live demo here! Hi, Using [HA] 3D Navigation you can add a menu to your site with attractive effects. In order to see how it looks exactly, check the demo! All different effects of demo are included in add-on with more options to fully control it. Features: Style...
  13. XFA

    [XFA] Navigation Tabs to Sidebar Block 1.0.0

    Description Your Navigation Tabs is overloaded with loads of links from your the multiple add-ons installed on your forum ? Then Navigation Tabs to Sidebar Block is made for you ! This product let you move extra tabs to a navigation block in the sidebar. Note that it only works with the...
  14. ibaker

    Unmaintained New Menu Navigation System 1

    This completely new, different, modern and very much mobile friendly menu and navigation system has been running on my own site for nearly a year now and the 10,000+ users absolutely love it. I am releasing it here in the interest that others may like to enhance it and post there enhancement...
  15. Neutral Singh

    Add-on Extra Navbars with Custom Links, Easily Manageable Via Admin Panel

    There used to be a vB plugin, which allowed to create an extra navigation bar below the main navigation bar or anywhere. It had its own admin block, where you could create custom links and sub-menu links manageable via Admin Panel. Description::. This hack will give you an ability to add...
  16. BassMan

    [cXF] Change Navigation Tabs side 1.0.0

    Instead of this: ... have this:
  17. TheLaw

    Unmaintained Remove Quick Links 1.0.0

    I've seen a number of requests asking how to remove the Quick Links heading from the top of your dropdown menu. The solution has always been "use CSS to hide it!" While "display:none" works much of the time, it doesn't work the way I prefer and decided to just get rid of it non-destructively...
  18. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Thread Navigation 1.0.2a

    [TH] Thread Navigation - A ThemeHouse add-on, enhancing your community experience. Description This add-on adds next and previous links at the top and bottom of every thread allowing easy navigation between threads. Features Quickly navigate between threads Option to show a preview...
  19. Crazy-Achmet

    XF 1.5 $url variable in navigation template

    Hey, is there any way i can use the $url variable in the navigation template? Please don't tell me i need custom development for that. Would be cool if there's a way i could use it in that template! :) Thanks a lot in advance Florian
  20. hollosch

    MG 1.1 category as navigation

    Hi, is it possible to use a MG category as navigation (like in the forums)? Example: There is a category named 2015. This (navigation-) category has 12 sub-categories, like january, february, etc... Now the 12 subcategories are filled with pictures. When clicking on the category 2015 -...