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[cXF] Vertical Navigation 1.0.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
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Move default navigation to the left forum side and show it vertically with some extra features.

Check DEMO on our forum

Visit customizeXF.com and choose VertiNav Ext (or click here) or VertiNav Con (or click here) style to see it in action.

  • option to enable vertical navigation per style in style properties
  • note that vertical navigation will show only on bigger screens (more than wide responsive break point)
  • set the width of the column where vertical navigation is
  • extended style option = main navigation with subnavigation in vertical position
  • condensed style option = only main navigation in a vertical position, subnavigation is in horizontal navigation (where the default XenForo navigation is otherwise)
  • set the logo size and position (left or center)
  • two widget positions in vertical navigation (top and bottom)
  • show New posts button right below the logo
  • show visitor tabs (account | conversations | alerts) in vertical navigation. Note: this will hide visitor tabs from the default navigation
  • show footer (fixed) in vertical navigation with style and language chooser links. Note: this will remove mentioned links from the default footer
  • show forum header if you use the header advertisement position or features from [cXF] Widget Homepage add-on. By default, the header is hidden with this add-on
  • show full or default forum page width
  • option to style the vertical navigation content (background etc.)

This add-on is compatible with our add-ons, including [cXF] Top Navigation, [cXF] Advanced Footer, [cXF] Horizontal message user info, [cXF] Thread scroll enhancements, [cXF] Staff Menu, [cXF] Widget Homepage and many others.


< extended style - main navigation with subnavigation in vertical position >


< condensed style - only main navigation in a vertical position, subnavigation is in horizontal navigation >


< with some options enabled >

vn_options enabled.png
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  1. 1.0.2

    minor CSS changes
  2. 1.0.1

    bugfix: the CSS for vertical navigation is now grabbed from default navigation