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Threadmarks Pro 1.6.14

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Fix threadmark index ordering (restore ascending ordering)
  • Threadmark Rss feed is now sorted by most recent to oldest and now has a configurable fetch limit (default 10)
  • Restore creating the threadmarks_read table for new installs
  • When the "No index reader mode pages" option is set, only apply noindex meta tag to reader mode views, not all threads.
  • Add no-index option for reader mode (default enabled)
  • Tweak indexes on threadmark tables
  • Respect thread locked state when adding/editing/deleting threadmarks
  • Surface some threadmark info as data attributes on threadmark index
  • Cache phrase names for threadmark categories, and avoid ~2 queries with threads with threadmarks
  • Option to disable threadmark stats block
  • Support other add-ons injecting content into each thread per-category cache.