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Unmaintained MetaNew: Next Unread Post 2014-01-04

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I run a fairly small forum ( and like to keep up with all the new posts. This add-on provides a new route/URL MetaNew which will let you jump directly to the oldest unread post. So by repeatedly clicking a bookmark with this link, you can very quickly cycle through all the new posts without having to go back to the newsfeed.

It is disabled for guests, just taking them to the standard newsfeed.

You might want to "Mark Forums Read" before using it, or you may get some very old posts.

Example URL for use as a bookmark (this will just take you to the news feed / recent posts, as you'd not be logged in).

In addition, it adds a "Next Unread Thread" (configure in phrase metanew_oldest_unread_thread) button to this link at the bottom of the thread view:
Truther Coffee | Metabunk.jpg

There are no options. It's a bit raw - and you might want to configure the navigation manually, but hopefully will be useful to someone. personally I just use a bookmark to the URL in the bookmark bar, and don't use the buttons - but I leave them for the users.
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