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CloudFlare Cache Flush 2014-01-26

Flush Avatar files from the CloudFlare cache when they are changed.

  1. Mick West
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    When a user changes their avatar image, this add-on will request CloudFlare purge the image from their cache.

    This is ONLY useful if you are using "simplified" caching. Using "aggressive" caching should also fix the problem, but I historically had problems with it, so switched to "simplified".

    This fixes problems with users being unable to change their avatar when you use cloudflare. However they may still occasionally need to refresh the page as it seems the purging is not instant.

    I used this with the "Simplified" caching option in Cloudflare:
    Simplified: http://metabunk.org/pic.jpg?ignore=this-query-string

    Which very effectively caches all avatar images, and can be quite a benefit on very high traffic threads.

    You need to enter your API key, email address, and cloudflare zone (domain) in the options

    Options: CloudFlare Cache Flush | Admin CP - Metabunk 2014-01-26 11-14-24.jpg
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