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Thank you very much. Works Great!!! I spent almost all day searching for something that would work out for me, and was about to give up, but came across your link :)
Einwandfrei. Warum ist das nicht direkt im Forum integriert?
Für mich ein essentielles Feature! Installation und Betrieb laufen einwandfrei.
Still one of the most useful add-ons I've ever used. So many options so I can extend my forum easily with new features. Thank you.
Thank for this awesome add-on, this is one of those add-on no forum should be with out. I installed it and work perfectly.
This is such a useful add-on, and it really should be included as default to go along with the Pages functionality. Thank you for releasing this - it works perfectly and does exactly what you'd expect. 5 stars!
One of the best add-ons I have come across. Works great, looks great, no problems. Just very well done.
This is easily one of the most useful and valuable add-ons I have for xF. It has really extended what I can do with our forum and allowed me to customize some things that I did not previously have control over. Excellent add-on, highly recommended.
This makes forum more user friendly, its best and easy navigation menu system, works like a charm , also very easy to setup. recommended for all XF forums :)
This addon is extremely useful and works even better than I expected. Better and more useful than many paid for addons so well worth making a donation - keep up the good work Jake!
Wonderful add-on. Thank you very very very much! The add-on Works just great and it was really easy to configure. It's hard to belive someone has built something as good as this for Xenforo!
The menu is not auto dropdown. You have to click the arrow link. It is bit painful for non-techies. I hope it will be an autodrop down in the next upgrade.
This is one of the most powerful and well implemented add-ons available for Xenforo. Thank You!
I couldn't imagine running a forum without these features now. Easy to setup and works great!
great and easy to use .. love it
Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
Slick! Very useful addon!!!
Is their a tutorial for this? Having issues creating drop downs from it.
Jake Bunce
Jake Bunce
post in the discussion thread, i will help
This is perfect and should be a core feature. Thanks!
Agreed that this is essential. Really great feature to have! Thank you.
Essential. This should definitely be integrated in Xenforo as a core feature!
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