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Conversation Improvements by Xon 1.3.15

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  • Fix error when indexing conversation messages with DragonTech credits installed
  • Fix "Undefined index: recipient_state" when interacting with other add-ons
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix "Undefined index: recipient_state"
  • Fix breaking listing conversations due to too aggressive pruning fetched conversation data (it should only have applied during search indexing)
Likes: Sunka
This add-on now requires php 5.4
  • Dramatically reduce memory usage when bulk-indexing conversation messages
    • With a 512mb memory limit, went from being able to index ~1500 conversation messages per run, to being able to index ~150000 conversation messages per run
  • Fix "Mysqli prepare error: Prepared statement contains too many placeholders" when indexing large numbers of conversations
Likes: Sunka
  • This release will unblock upgrading from XF1.x to XF2.x
  • Add "Display results as conversations" to quick search drop-down, as this option exists from the advanced conversation search.
  • Fix compatibility issue with Conversation Essentials
    • Do not use the thread prefix helper for conversations
Likes: Sunka