1. Will Franco

    XF 2.1 "Has this question already been asked" Feature? How to enable feature.

    How do I enable the "Has this question already been asked" feature?
  2. N

    XF 2.1 Search Page: The requested page could not be found.

    Hey All, I get the attached error when trying to use the search function. Friendly URLs is enabled, .htaccess is correct. No other pages with friendly urls are affected. I haven't set up anything in Xenforo that uses the Drive api. List...
  3. L

    [EAE Add-ons] Thread Count 1.1.2

    This add-on keeps track of the number of view-able threads your members created and displays their started thread totals in various sections of your forums. It also adds four new permissions based on thread counts, to be set per node if you choose. After installation, be sure to go to...
  4. 021

    [BS] Robot user group 1.0.1

    .features: Setting a user group for search robots Sitemap generation based on search bot permissions
  5. ShikiSuen

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM only.

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM (without Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elasticsearch) Considering that this method may scramble the integrity of the keywords, please quote the keywords using half-width quotation marks prior to performing a search. Xenforo Enhanced Search (Xf-ES) and...
  6. 021

    [BS] Exclude forums from search 1.0.0b

    .features: Excluding forums from search After changing this option, you will need to rebuild the search index
  7. D

    Searching & Saving of Private Messages

    Hi, Have been using XenForo for more than a 5 years and while I do enjoy it much more than the previous forum software that we utilized there was a feature on the old forum that I have yet to see implemented in XenForo. That being the ability to download/save the PM history to text, csv, html...
  8. XenArabia

    Unmaintained Ar-XenForo Enhanced Search 2.1.1

    Arabic Translation File for XenForo Enhanced Search The Translation is exclusive for :
  9. Nerdface

    Add-on Change search contraints order / behaviour

    I'm surprised nothing has been designed following this request in 2017, but it would be nice to change the search behaviour so that if you're within a forum for example, the search defaults to "This forum", with "Threads" remaining as the second option, instead of "Everywhere". Unfortunately it...
  10. BassMan

    [cXF] Admin Search on Index 1.0.1

    Description I find this modification useful so I'll share it with you. With that simple template modification, you'll get a search box on the administration index page where you can quickly search for any option, template, phrase, etc. Features search box will autofocus on index page load so...
  11. bzcomputers

    XF 2.1 Do "extra sitemap urls" get added to search

    I have numerous "extra sitemap urls" that are not part of Xenforo's page system. Do the "extra sitemap urls" in anyway get scanned and added to the search function?
  12. X

    ElasticSearch Essentials 3.4.2

    This add-on requires ElasticSearch v2.0 or newer, it does not support 1.x or older! Search Bar Auto Complete When your users type in the search bar on your forum they will see suggestions based on what they have typed so far. The terms come from phrases used in your index rather than just...
  13. C

    XF 2.1 Searching Templates

    If this already exists, please excuse me, but I couldn't find a way to do it. Love being able to search a string and find what templates the string is in. HOWEVER, when I open a template that has 700 lines in it, it would be nice to search within the templates for the string and have it show me...
  14. mrmad

    Unmaintained Google Search 1.1.0 German Language (Deutsch, Du-Version) 1.1.0

    Description: This is a German translation for the Google Search Add-on
  15. eva2000

    XF 2.1.0 Search Term Matching inconsistency ?

    I have an XF 2.1.0 test install with Enhanced search 2.1.0 addon installed and tried the following search terms - 7.2.14, 7.2 and 7.2* with and without @Xon search improvements addon enabled and seem to get inconsistent matches with word stemming enabled ? The search term = 7.2 only matches...
  16. P

    Fixed Bug / Questionable code in the XFES plugin XF 2.1

    In the following file : ../addons/XFES/Service/Optimizer.php theres a check on line 38 that fails if(!$config['mappings']) { return true; } If "mappings" is not in the $config array, it will throw an "Undefined Index" error I've fixed this on my copy by changing it to :-...
  17. X

    Report Improvements by Xon 2.6.0

    Screenshots are still to be added, XF1 version has similar functionality and the screenshots This add-on introduces potentially breaking changes to moderation permissions. Please review usergroup permissions carefully! A Collection of improvements to XF's reporting system. Fully phrased. On...
  18. bctrainers

    XF 2.1 Search Threads without required keywords or 'posted by' input?

    Hi, is it possible with the search under search type (/search/?type=post) set to posts, and be able to bypass keyword and posted by inputs and only search with "Newer than", number of replies, and limit it to a section of forums? On vBulletin 4, we could leave the keywords, username and other...
  19. X

    Search Improvements 2.4.0

    A collection of improvements to XF's Enhanced Search and some for XenForo's default MySQL search. MySQL & Elastic Search features; range_query search DSL allows arbitrary range queries for numerical data Allow users to select the default search order independent for the forum wide setting...
  20. developr

    XF 2.0 Daily Posts (last 24h)

    I converted from vBulletin and there we had the option to show the daily posts of the last 24h. Is there a similar option in XF2?