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  1. Kintaro

    Search Result to display snipped text with keyword in it

    Actually the a search produce this: I would like that the snipped text pulled from the content of the search result is the first paragraph that include the keyword(s) searched. One example is the google search (of course!): As you can see the second result is a link to THIS thread and it...
  2. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Search option: by location?

    Is there a way to conduct a search by location? I know there are paid addons offering geolocation on a map, but could this be done with the search as well?
  3. L

    XF 1.5 Out-of-memory errors for certain searches with XenES

    We're using XenForo Enhanced Search (1.1.6), and we're very happy with the performance overall. However, some searches are triggering errors like "Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes)". Our maximum number of search results is set to 500...
  4. RobinHood

    XF 1.5 Search doesn't always work first time.

    I often find on a couple of my forums I'll search for a word, some or none results will come up. I search for the exact same term again and I'll get lost more results, the ones I was expecting. Does anyone know why this may be and how I can fix it so it works reliable first time every time?
  5. LPH

    [TRN] Search Results as Threads 1.1.0

    As of March 2, 2017, this add-on has been taken over by LPH. Support may be found on the Tux Reports website. When using the XenForo quick search (as opposed to using the advanced search form), XenForo will by default present search results as mixed posts and threads. Therefore there are often...
  6. Digital Doctor

    Searching should allow hits to actual forums

    I think forums should show up (at the top) of a search if the search terms match a forum. Currently forum names aren't in the search index ! Same goes for Resource Manager Categories, or Gallery Albums :) maybe Resource Manager Tags ?
  7. Digital Doctor

    Poor search results in the Resource Manager

    I wanted to find the VERY popular BBCode pack in the Resource Manager. I title searched for bbcodes [=1']LINK - click here and then click the search button]. Here is page 1. Bitcoin BBCode has zero updates, no ratings, and 28 downloads...
  8. brattanek

    XF 1.5 How to search users by email

    Hi, How I can search users by email, it's mean i have users emails in xls files and i need find all this users and move to group in forum.
  9. vlom31

    XF 1.5 How to display search results as threads not posts ?

    Hi, Right now when I make a search it gives me a list of posts, so it's often multiple lines referring to differents posts within a same thread... How do I change that behaviour to displaying a list of threads instead ? Mehdi
  10. adwade

    XF 1.5 Searching for (specific) User Custom Title?

    Somewhat related to this question, I have discovered that when I imported my vB database I had some users who were currently custom labeled as Email Defunct. The one just I tripped across, I checked and his user status was valid so I just blanked out the Custom Title field on his account and...
  11. Thomas.B

    Member Search 1.1.0

    Tip: Get a 50% discount for this add-on! With this add-on you can quickly find all members that meet certain criteria. This add-on adds only one new page to the „Members“ section that contains both the search results and the search options. After you clicked on the „Member Search“ tab you will...
  12. threadloom

    Threadloom Site Search 2.0.8

    Powerful search that helps your users find your best content. Decrease bounces, increase pages per session, grow session duration. Powering search on the following great forums: Tesla Motors Club, The Official Forum of the San Francisco 49ers, WDWMAGIC, MonsterFishKeepers.com, Turbo Diesel...
  13. erich37

    Not planned XF 2.0 / Search-Box Design & Layout

    Suggestion: XF 2.0 Search-Box Design & Layout 1) Since everybody knows Google and is used to see a "Search-Box" in the middle of the website, for quick and easy searching, I would suggest to put the "Logo" and the "Search-Box" into the center of the website. 2) The left-portion of the...
  14. Amaury

    Ability to Search for Threads You've Started in a Forum

    For reasons I can't remember, this feature on the search page was removed in the XenForo 1 branch. It would be incredibly useful if it were re-added. Sure, you can see threads you've started via the link on your profile, but that shows you all threads, not just ones you've started in a...
  15. Fethi.dz

    Not a bug Search results per page not changing when seaching for new posts

    Hello, As you can see in the below picture, I set 25 result to be shown per page but when I click on searching for the new posts on my forum I still getting the default value of search per page which is 20.
  16. X

    Forum Search 1.1.0

    Strongly recommend to use the following add-ons with this add-on: Elasticsearch Essentials v2.0.0 (or newer) XenForo Enhanced Search Example screenshot:
  17. Lawrence

    Extending Search: the lesser of two evils

    So, I added a new field to the thread table and want it to be searchable. And it is. Extending the post save datawriters make it pretty easy to add in the new content into the message field of the search index table. The issue is, when rebuilding the search index from the adminCP the message...
  18. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Use Search box to search for members

    Is there a way to get the normal Search box (below user name) to search for members? I often go there and type in part of a user member name and get nothing as a result but a bunch of threads. A "member" check box would be nice.
  19. DNZYSL

    XF 1.5 google search content

    when we search in Google with our domain like : teknokafa.com ; there are shown menus,forums, etc. we see a result as :teknokafa.com. Menu; Home · Forumlar; Üyeler; Menü. Giriş Yap. Sadece başlıklarda ara. Gönderen kullanıcı: İsimleri virgül ile ayırın. Şu tarihten yeni olanlar:. instead of...
  20. AntonyF

    XF 1.5 Search not working, but only on main search

    Hi, I'm having an issue with search, in that the main search function (i.e. when I click 'Search Forums) isn't working. I have two XenForo installs, but it only affects one of them. The one that is affected is considerably larger - almost 6 million posts. Various users have reported the...