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Not certain this is a bug, per se. It may indicate that the search system is a little bit borked, or it may just be working as expected...

Normally, when I try to look at posts by a member, I'm used to it delivering 10 pages at a time of posting history until it runs out.
Typical process: if someone has many hundreds of posts, I load the search (e.g. https://xenforo.com/community/search/member?user_id=NNNN), it shows me 10 pages, I can then see more by first selecting page 10, and then hitting the "View older results" button. (Aside: I wish there was a push-button way to see the oldest posts first ;))

What's happening right now here on xenforo.com is that the system is showing me anything from 2 to 10 pages, even though there are many more available.

Example: picking on this poor user for no reason in particular, when I use this link (the member apparently has 725 posts at the time of writing):
I get only 9 pages. When I hit page 9 and then view older items, I get 4 pages. When I repeat the process for this particular user, I get 9 more, then 4 more, then 8, 6, 8, 9, and finally 5 (after which "No results found.").

I can see how a DB search might initially offer up items that I have no permissions to see, which could restrict the amount of items that actually get shown in each pass, but that feels ...unlikely to eliminate 8 of the 10 pages (cos as I said, I've seen it offer me as little as 2 pages when more are available when hitting "view older").

If the DB search genuinely is being whittled down by permissions, then... gosh, that's a LOT of hidden posts, by what I must infer is a lot of the userbase (I tried a handful of random users who had a few hundred posts and each of them demonstrated the same behaviour). But I can imagine that in that case, making it work as expected would involve either searching repeatedly until 10 pages had been found (...yuck) or doing the searching with a built-in permissions check (maybe not currently possible?).
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