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I am looking for someone who can create a specific first post thread view that is shown in specific forums. The outcome is to be a Classifieds system.

Currently I use the following and it needs to work with:
  • An XF Page called Classifieds that has a widget on it to show new threads from specific forums
  • Under the page I have 6 forums which I use as Classifieds categories
  • I use Thread Prefixes for classified types like For Sale, Wanted etc
  • I use Custom Thread Fields for fields of:
    • Price
    • Currency
    • Condition
    • Location x 3 (address, suburb, state)
    • Quantity
    • PayPal address
  • I use an addon for Trader History
  • I use a customised Thread List Macros to display some of the Custom Thread Fields in the Thread List view. The customisation is:
<xf:comment> IB added for classifieds </xf:comment>
            <div class="structItem-minor">
                <ul style="margin: 5px 0px -10px 0px;">
                <xf:if is="$thread.custom_fields.price">
                    <li>Price: {$thread.custom_fields.price}</li>
                <xf:if is="$thread.custom_fields.condition">
                <xf:if is="$thread.custom_fields.location">
                    <li><a href="{{ link('misc/location-info', '', {'location': $thread.custom_fields.location}) }}" rel="nofollow noreferrer" target="_blank" class="u-concealed">{$thread.custom_fields.location}</a></li>

What I currently have can be seen at:

What I need the first post in a thread within the Classifieds forums to look like this:
Classified Listing 2.png

1. The image is the first attachment that when clicked opens up into a larger view (XF default)
2. All attachments are shown in a slider that when an individual attachment in the slider is clicked, it fills the larger image box above the slider (can be discussed)
3. The Advertiser is the forum member's username
4. A link that will open the search window and show all the user's other Classifieds listed in the specific Classified forums
5. The Type of Advert is the thread Prefix
6. Item Condition is the selected Custom Thread Field "Condition"
7. Time Left is a calculation of the time left between the date the thread was created + 60 days less the current date. The value of 60 in this case must be able to be changed by simply making a template edit. This whole thing can be discussed
8. Quantity is the value entered into the Custom Thread Field "Quantity"
9. Price is the value entered into the Custom Thread Field "Price" and the currency code is the value selected in the Custom Thread Field "Currency"
10. Contact Advertiser is a button that when clicked starts a private conversation with the advertiser
11. Trader History is a button that opens the Trader History addon that I use
12. If the user has added a PayPal address in the Custom Thread Field "PayPal Address" then the user is taken to PayPal to pay the advertiser. If the Custom Thread Field "PayPal Address" is null then this button needs to be greyed out
13. The Share icons are the default XF Share icons that are normally displayed at the bottom of the thread
14. This is an extra field that I don't know what to use it for so I am open to suggestions
15. The number of users that are watching the thread
16. The number of posts that have been made in the thread as displayed in the default Thread List View
17. The number of times the thread has been viewed as displayed in the default Thread List View
18. The opening post content with the heading "Description"
19. A Google Map showing the location derived from the 3 Custom Thread Fields for "Location"
20. The Custom Thread Fields of "Suburb" and "State"

This work with the exception of the attachments function and the Google Map function uses all XF default functionality but is just displayed differently.

What I want is for this to be created not as an Addon per say but if at all possible more as just separate templates which as I use now in my Classifieds by using the "if" statement in the Forum View and Thread View templates to use specific templates for the Classifieds forums like:
<xf:if is="in_array({$forum.node_id}, [71,72,73,74,75,76,77])">
    <xf:include template="thread_view_classifieds" />
<xf:else />
<the default template>
This I hope will allow for easier customisation of the Classifieds function without it being an addon as such

The solution MUST BE responsive view compliant including the resizing of attachments proportionately.

So I am after a price for someone to create this view for me
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