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This is in regards to this thread:

To reproduce:
1. Enter user's profile
2. Click on "Postings" tab
3. Go down and press on "Find all content by {user}"

Search results should show 10 pages in the navigation regardless in which forums (private or public) this specific user posts. For some members there are less pages (2-3), even though there are more results to be shown.

I suspect it has something to do with threads that the member doesn't have permission to view

Let's say node 1 is private and node 3 is public. A user has 200 posts in node 1 and 500 posts in node 3. The result page would show results only for node 3 (for people that don't have permission to access node 1), but instead of showing 10 pages on the bottom (search navigation), it would show only 2-3 pages and require you to go every time to the last page and press "Find older messages" (and then show 2-3 pages again, and again until there would be no more results).

Shouldn't it show 10 pages for people that don't have permission to see posts that were made in between the search results in node 1? It looks like it excludes these posts from the search, and shows only the ones that this user, without permission for node 1, can view (and therefore the navigation shows only 2-3 pages instead of 9-10).

I've tried my best to describe this, so I hope it's enough.


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Basically this is generally expected and necessary. Permission checks can't necessarily be done in the database, particularly when it comes to add-ons potentially expanding them. As such, we get the maximum number and then filter them down. There are some tweaks that can be made, but the fundamental problem will roughly always happen.