XF 1.5 Search - Posted by Member: = Incomplete results

I'm not sure if it is a settings issue, but is there a reason why when I search for items posted by a member with a count of 246, it only returns 12 results?
(11 on his profile page)

My first though was that they had been deleted. - Nope

Were they moved somewhere not visible to the user. - Nope.

Had they been lost during the import. - Nope

So I rebuilt the search indexes......( it takes a while with 2,600,000 posts )

And it's still only showing the 12 results. (4 threads and 8 posts)

One thing that stands out,

There are 2 large threads that the user has posted on numerous times over the past 5 years.

For both these threads, the search results show only the posts that were posted since import to xenforo, but it misses off the showing the other older posts, in the same thread that was imported from vBulletin4.

A quick query on the database of
SELECT COUNT( `thread_id` ) , `thread_id` , `message_state` 
FROM `xf_post` 
WHERE user_id =47628
GROUP BY `thread_id` , `message_state`

shows the number of posts in each of the large threads, that he can still access and post on.


Are there any other caches that need to be rebuilt, as the pre-import posts are there, and visible, just not showing up in the search?


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Are you sure you rebuilt the search index?

That is typically the issue when only posts made since importing are returned when searching.

Is it the same for all members or just this one?
I started it running last night @ 21:00

I can see form the admin log tools/run-deferred requesting

array(2) {
["redirect"] => string(70) "http://www.rsownersclub.co.uk/rsocbb/admin.php?tools/rebuild&success=1"
["execute"] => string(1) "1"

up until 12:01 when it stops being called.

Is there any way to find if it completed, or something stopped it at midnight?

Other members have posts missing as well, but not a significant as this Member, so I'll try rebuilding the cache again now....