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Unmaintained Auto Link Titles 1.0.10

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This update should fix the last remaining "Invalid string value" bugs.

In addition to that, the process of getting the title should end in the event that the headers suggest that the content being fetched is either not a valid content type or is too large.

Finally, the code should now degrade gracefully if it cannot find the mb_convert_encoding function; however that function or iconv is certainly recommended and you may still experience varied results if neither of these functions is available. Search your phpinfo for "mbstring" and "iconv" functions:

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This error was thrown when we failed to get the correct chracter set from the URL.

It was logged in the Server Error Log but not actually seen by users.

But this prevents the error completely.
Thank you to Avensen for letting me know that some URLs in certain character sets were still returning garbage characters.

This lead me to review the code and as well as a bug in the conversion of the encoding, I added some additional code to better detect the original encoding and some improvements to the code in general.
Should resolve all remaining encoding, special characters and white space issues
Resolves some outstanding issues with HTML entities
This update is recommended to resolve server errors that could be caused by an invalid URL being passed to the HTTP client as a result of malformed URL BB Code.
This update resolves a potential "Incorrect string value" error when posts are inserted into the database.

The titles are now encoded with utf8.
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Forces a trim() on the URL titles to avoid unnecessary white space.

Thank you Stuart Wright
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This bug would display a URL title: Let's fix bugs

As: Let's fix bugs
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