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Auto Link Titles 1.0.10

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Chris D

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Oh God, this is so cool. ragtek has made a Addon like this long time ago, but its not working anymore. THX!!
Can you still use the URL in bbcode like usually and give a custom link title in articles (or whatever) this way?
[url=""]Yes you can[/url] produces:
Yes you can

The process only kicks in if a URL in the post needs to be automatically linked.
Hmm, for me that´s works only for links to external sites. Internal links will not be changed :(
It's been tested and it definitely works.

If your site is behind a password or something similar then it will not work.
No, no password.

The only thing is, that is a german forum, but i think that is not a problem.
Ragteks add-on still works fine. But we had to debug some character issues with it.

Good to see a fully supported new add-on now.
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