Not a bug Long navigation link titles can cause a text overflow on dropdown menus


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Long navigation titles can currently overflow outside a navigation dropdown menu.

Adding the css below seems to fix it:

.menu-linkRow {
    overflow: hidden;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
Unless I'm overlooking something, I cannot reproduce this:


It's possible it could be affecting a custom style or a specific browser/OS so if you can expand on that we'll have another go at reproducing the issue.
I can no longer duplicate this reported error.

It appears I was just seeing this when testing and adjusting (reducing) screens size without a page refresh. Which I guess could be encountered if changing device orientation to a smaller width (unless you have something in place to make adjustments when orientation changes).
Even so I don't think I can reproduce anything notable there that is too concerning. Arbitrarily and frequently resizing the viewport can occasionally produce issues but they're generally temporary and may be tricky to solve entirely.

If something specific is happening that looks strange, is easily reproducible and hard to recover from then we'll look into it further.
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