css broken

  1. bzcomputers

    Not a bug Long navigation link titles can cause a text overflow on dropdown menus

    Long navigation titles can currently overflow outside a navigation dropdown menu. Adding the css below seems to fix it: .menu-linkRow { overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; }
  2. bzcomputers

    Not a bug p-sectionLinks h-scroller css overflow issue for link content wider than 1200px

    If the total displayed length of links contained within <div class ="p-sectionLinks"> exceeds 1200px there is a css overflow issue. The text overflow is still "visible" beyond the .p-sectionLinks-inner which has a max-width: 1200px. It appears the current css applies "overflow: visible" to all...
  3. TrackerGaming

    Help!!! CSS is messed up and I haven't edited the site in a week!

    Please help me, I woke up and loaded the site to this today: Better yet I went to go to my dashboard and it looked like this: This is what the console reads. I am not a dev so I am really lost I need some very dummed down steps on how to fix this thanks!! The website typically looks like...