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Content Type Management 1.0.3

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  1. 1.2
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This add-on should only be installed by add-on developers who wish to manipulate or rebuild content types. There is potential to cause your XenForo installation to stop working properly if you were to delete or edit default content types.
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Currently the process to create and manage content types is a little bit "clunky".

You have to create the content type in the xf_content_type table. You then have to add your content type fields in the xf_content_type_fields table. You have to write SQL queries for your add-on installer. Finally for your own sanity, you'll want to ensure you've then rebuilt the content types cache.

This add-on is designed to make that process a little bit easier.

In the Development tab (Debug mode required) you will now see a new navigation item: List Content Types:


From this page you can view all existing content types and fields. But you can also create a new content type:


This adds the new content type to the list:


You can now add a field. Select a field name from the list:


Type a field value (class name):

(The class must exist)


Once added, the content types cache is rebuilt, and your content type should be ready to function straight away on your developer install. Once you've done the hard bit and populated the aforementioned class with some code, of course...

This add-on is not able to automatically populate your customer's installs with the content types, of course. They are not exported as part of the XML file, so they must be created via queries during install...

To make that even easier, this add-on can generate the SQL queries for you. Just click the SQL Code icon in the heading of your content type:


I hope this makes your life as a developer that little bit easier!
Chris D
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It must be in the core of XenForo!
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Very Useful! Thanks!
OMG ! Thank you Chris Deeming. This is just .... cool.
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