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Add-on Builder 1.2.0

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Awesome. Better solution for this work. Today I just finished my first add-on that has some files. And easily built it using this add-on. (the add-on will be shared soon ;-) )
Thanks Chris and wish you the best.
This is imo a must-have add-on for any developer. It can save you a lot of repetitive, boring and error-prone work and is therefore currently my favorite dev add-on. Thanks a lot for creating this very useful „one-click solution“ and also for maintaining it!
Chris D
Chris D
You're welcome, thanks for your kindness.
Perhaps not a complete solution to all needs this still speeds up my workflow. Being able to quickly export my current working code is essential to testing and fixing my current stable releases. Another essential solution from Chris D
great addon from a great developer ^_^
Saves time :)
Love it. Use it all the time!
Chris Deeming does it again. Nicely done. Should be part of the core. :D
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