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Haven't installed it but it's a very good idea. Thanks for making this Chris, may come useful in the future.
No worries :)

It isn't exactly difficult to package an add-on, but this does make the process a bit quicker. I actually mainly created it for myself because I thought it would be useful and it does save me time.

It should also prevent those silly little mistakes we all make when we're sometimes releasing add-ons. We've all done it. Wrong XML file, missing files, missing folders. The amount of quick updates you see after an initial release is quite amusing :)
Agreed. I think I should release more... My problem is that whatever I do for custom necessity has so much of our custom needs hardcoded (because I am lazy!) that it becomes impossible to release. To release an addon, one needs to ensure flexibility which takes additional time to code!
You're right, it does take additional time. I have trained myself to absolutely always do things as I'm going along. It does slow things down, but there's nothing worse than releasing something and realising "damn, I forgot to change that harcoded text for a phrase".

{xen:phrase i_have_pretty_much_got_used_to_typing_everything_like_this_while_coding_addons} :D Then I actually add the phrases later.
How To Remove There Are Addons Waiting To Be Installed Message?

I deleted everything out the addon-prestage folder but the message is still there.

I have never seen that before and it is nothing to do with my add-on.

Do you have the infis auto installer installed too?

I assume its from some other add on as I've never seen it before.
damn... I haven't seen this add-on when I made mine :(
and only difference is that mine can 'zip' ANY folder inside the root dir... :D
DevHelper - 1.webp

DevHelper - 2.webp
and the user 'downloads' the file as '{title} ver {version string}.zip'... I wont share it since there are already two add-ons doing the same thing... but I think you should also add the option to allow users to include folder from any place, not just js, library and styles ;)
Very nice addon! Thanks for this!

Would it be possible to add the version number to the created zip archiv in the next version of this addon. That would be very nice, so I can save all versions of my addons in the same folder.
You know what I've had that in use on my own machines for months. Keep forgetting to release it.

Thanks for the reminder!
Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!
  • When an add-on is built, the current version string is appended to the end of the Add-on ID to form the filename.
    • e.g. in version 1.0 the add-on would be built with a filename of
    • In version 1.1.0 the add-on is built with a filename of
  • As is the customary naming convention for JS directories and files, the JS folder name defaults to a lowercase version of the Add-on ID.

Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

First of all, this new release is only compatible with XenForo 1.2.0 and above.

This new version brings a couple of new features, check out the updated screenshots in the Resource Description.

1) Add-ons can now be built without specifying any directories. This effectively just packages up he XML file into a ZIP. This is useful for add-ons that only require the XML file but still need to be uploaded here as a ZIP file (e.g. TMs).

2) Removed dependency on a third party Helper to recursively build ZIP files. (It now uses Zend Framework).

3) As well as building the add-on and creating a ZIP file in the build directory, it is now possible to download that ZIP via your browser upon creation.

4) The default path for styles has been changed. It assumes that your images will be in the default @imagePath location (styles/default) and in a lower case directory that matches the add-on ID.

5) There is no longer a separate page or Navigation item to choose the add-on you want to build. This is now integrated in to the main add-on list.

Chris Deeming updated Add-on Builder with a new update entry:

A few small improvements

A while back I released 1.1.0 but I rolled back some of the changes because there were a few bugs that I found.

These changes will be returning in still a future update.

For now, this version implements a couple of small improvements:
  • The directories that already exist for the add-on are selected by default
  • After the add-on files are copied, they are recursively scanned for hidden files, e.g. .DS_Store, thumbs.db etc. and these are removed automatically.

Read the rest of this update entry...
Great add-on! would be cool if there was the option to exclude folders/files, since I have phrases, templates as files for versioning :)

Also can you add .git files to _annoyingFilenames? thanks
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