[rellect] Favicon for Links

Unmaintained [rellect] Favicon for Links 2.1.0

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Had been waiting for the XF2 version ever since I updated from XF1. Works fine. Lots of thanks to the developer!
This is a must-have add-on which does what it says, and the feature really ought to be in the XF core.
Brings linking to a whole different level by injecting external sites favicon arts into your posts. Definitely a must have add-on.
Great add-on. Love how it blends the favicons in. Great to see. It would be nice to see this as an option in the stock Xenforo. Love how it is lightweight also. Great work!
Excellent add-on! Thank you very much.
Awesome! Give a site that cool look while serving a good functions!
simple yet effective, gives the forums a nice visual touch
Brings more flavor to my site thank you!
Good idea and good implementation.
Works as said, thank you.
Very Nice
I installed it and yep, it works as said. It even adds favicons to existing posts. Good job !
Works fine, thanks :)
Keep up the good job. -- This is not just eye candy, it can also be seen as a good security / privacy tool, that lets people know for sure that X text really is a link.
Nice Add-Ons :D
Looking great!
Fantastic. Thanks so much for making this.
Nice one, Tested on 1.2.3 :P