1. V

    XF 2.2 visit links only for registered Users

    I would love to have all Links in my Forums only useable for registered Users. The users should seen the content, but only the links should not work or go to another target. Is this possible or maybe there is an addon with this functionality? I've seen some other threads here from people who...
  2. arabia2

    XF 2.2 Help convert some old links

    I have some old links and I want to convert them collectively The old version was vBulletin 4.2.5 This is a sample of the links vb/threads/113486/archive/index.php Convert to vb/threads/113486/ vb/-/50053-a-post277301.html Convert to vb/threads/277301/
  3. creativeforge

    XF 2.2 Attchment URL switches to attachment link only

    You can see here that the image's link leads to the attachment source and not to the URL I have repeatedly indicated. I linked the image to this URL:
  4. A

    XF 2.1 Control links

    How to set dofollow or nofollow for selected links? E.g. I will give an example link here: Is there a way to set him dofollow or nofollow in the thread?
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove attachments link 1.1.2

    Description: Removes link (unlink) for attachments based on permissions. Generally, you'll set permission to remove links from attachments for guests (and robots - so they don't crawl links that are not available for opening). Example: Check the image below. With permissions set to 'Remove'...
  6. XFA

    Unmaintained [ITD] Colored Links 2.1.0

    This add on will Change all type link colors on your board. Before: After: Options: Instructions: Download the attachment. Log in to your BU and go to addon page. Select Install/upgrade from archive. That's all :) Sending a donation: If you like this add-on, please consider sending a...
  7. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Attachments/Image links are broken

    By default, when there's a reply to a conversation or a post, the mail is received, if the option is set. If the post or conversation has a attachment, it also shows "View attachment XXX". But it doesn't shows. The links are broken. * XXX refers to the attachment number in the forum. I'm using...
  8. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Links text changed

    All of sudden, the all links text are changed to ABCD. It was not happening earlier. I don't know what's wrong. Anything i put in the link, the link is fine but it shows ABCD. Doesn't matter what links i put in. This is really annoying. I'm using XF 2.0.x Any idea?
  9. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to change visited links color?

    I would like to change visited links color in the posts only. What do i need to change?
  10. R

    Unmaintained [rellect] Favicon For Links 3.0.1

    What's a Favicon A favicon is a graphic image (icon) associated with a particular website. Browers display them as a visual reminder of the Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs. What 'Favicon For Links' does? This addon automatically adds favicons to links in several areas of your...
  11. iPuck

    Links and Downloads Manager Importer

    Do you guys have any type of importer from Links and Downloads Manager XenForo Resource Manager?
  12. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Favicon For Links 2.0.3

    Feature Summary : Excluded sites Account Preferences This addon allows you to put favicon next to links. Options : Excluded sites Don't show favicon for: Message - Internal (local) Links Message - External Links Signature - Internal (local) Links Signature - External Links Account...
  13. MyPoloNL

    XF 1.5 edit Resource links

    Hello all, I'm having troubles with the Xenforo Resource module. We used to have the url but since a while we've added a https certificate and our url now is All parts of the website are currently running nice, exept for the resource links, they are...
  14. XxUnkn0wnxX

    Make links visible only by replying/Linking Posts?

    I wasn't sure where to post this as this could be an add-on or template mod.. is there something out there that will allow me to hide all links to certain member groups till they like OR reply to a thread? and once they Like Or Reply the links for that post will be visible...
  15. Banu

    Add-on add-on to unshorten all short links is needed

    Hi, guys. I need a tiny little add-on that will do this little magic: 1. When a user submits/edits a post, 2. this addon checks all the links in the post via API, 3. converts back all the shorten links to their initial variants (replaces the href value). 4. Plus some optimization...
  16. Mr Lucky

    XF 1.5 should relative URLs start with a slash

    I am changing a few links to relative URLs in advance of switching to https. e.g. link to custom smilie folder etc and various bits of html in notices and pages. Should relative links start with or without a slash? I notice that appear either work (whereas in Wordpress they only seem to work...
  17. StarArmy

    Smart Nofollows

    I had an idea that I'll throw out there for any mod author looking for ideas: An add-on that affects link parsing: If the site has good pagerank, link with a follow link If the site is bad pagerank, rel=nofollow the link If the site is a bad neighborhood/shady site, do not parse the link...
  18. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained Open All Links (even internals) In New Tab 1.0.0

    Hi, Today I saw some where that some one needed such an add-on. This is a simple template based add-on that will cause all links in your xenforo to be opened in new tab. Both externals (that by default are opening in new tab) and internals (that by default are opening in the same tab) If you...
  19. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 notices will not display linked text

    Hey everyone, I'm having a slight problem with the notices on my board. They seem to work fine for the most part, but when I try to link text to a thread that whole portion of the notice disappears entirely. Here's what I have in the text field of my notice in the ACP: Welcome to Squat the...
  20. otto

    XF 1.5.x - Make the new URL-Converter also work with links like ""

    Normaly link in a post: will work: Google - thats ok. (y) Simplyfied link in a post: dont work, it givs me a instead of a Google - thats not ok (n) I think the point is - this URL convertation feature is realy nice, but many (the most?) members...
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