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  1. au lait

    Link Management (HL2) 1.0.0 Beta 1

    DEMO According to various rules this Add-on hides links in post, signature, profile-post, media-bbCode (ACP -> BB Code Media Sites), IMG BBCode for eligible user groups. Features: - hidden links in post, signature, profile-post, quotes and media-bbCode(ACP -> BB Code Media Sites), IMG BBCode...
  2. Sal Collaziano

    XF 1.5 How to stop Link Spam?

    It's getting old real quick. Is there any way to prevent people from signing up and spamming with links to B.S. every day on my forum? Do I need a plugin to do this? Or am I not finding a standard feature? If I need a plugin, would anyone mind suggesting one? I can't imagine this isn't already a...
  3. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Hide Link From Guests 2.0.5

    Feature Summary Enable Disable restrict Hide links on posts to guests Customize the error message Site Web whitelist This add-on allows you to hide your link to visitors. You can customize the error message with the template "xc_hide_link_from_guests_bb_code_hide_links_visitor" Demo : here
  4. Kintaro

    Add image and description to "Link title conversion" feature

    how about adding the possibility to choose an image and meta-description from the pasted link? And IMHO this infos need to be fetched live as happen on FB, Whatsapp, Telegram and not after the push of a button. This is a standard behavior on many community platform.
  5. iseamonet

    XF 1.5 Link directly to a Specific Post # Number

    I have made a forum and then a thread in the forum, however there are hundreds of posts in the thread. How do I put a link that connects someone directly to the post number I posted? For example post # 1 jon doe post #200 jonna doe post # 240 Me <-- How do I link someone straight to my post...
  6. G

    MG 1.1 Image sizes served with link

    How does the media gallery serve images in different sizes? both internally and externally (with link)? Does it make smaller images that can be fetched when possible or does it always load up the largest image?
  7. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to create click-to-call links

    Hi, I try to create click-to-call links, but when I save it, the link changes and nothing will happen after I click on the number. I mark the number and use this while linking the number: tel:123456789 But when I save it, it will be changed to: http://tel:123456789 and so, when I click on the...
  8. Gaétan547

    Can the forum link be changed after installation?

    Hello, i have an question before buying xenforo. If i buy xenforo and install it to mysite.com/dev/forum for example, can i change the link to mysite.com/forum after 5 mounths for example ? If yes, how ? Thank you, and sorry for my bad english i am german / french!
  9. otto

    Link Directory (LD) - Link Verzeichnis, german translation 2.9.a

    Deutsche Übersetzung für das Link Verzeichnis (Link Directory, LD) von pixhouse durch otto. German translation for Link Directory Add-on. Demo: - https://xen-hilfe.de/links/ - http://www.zetor-forum.de/forum/links/ Support for these translation only here or by: Support für diese Übersetzung...
  10. au lait

    Link Directory (LD) 3.0.0

    DEMO The Link Directory offers you a built-in XenForo link list with numerous features such as: Link Directory Site is visible depending on group rights Links can be added depending on group rights Links can be edited, depending on group rights Links can be deleted depending on group rights...
  11. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Sub-forum title links - different for previously viewed or not

    Hi guys, Someone pointed out today that when they click on a thread title, they are taken to the last post, or if they don't have a history with that thread, it will take them to the first post on the first page. Is there a way to toggle this for the member? Some like it, some really hate it...
  12. otto

    German translation for Link Managment by [PiXhouse.com] 1.3

    Hi, today I offer the German language file for add-on "LinkManagment" from [PiX-house.com]. This version is "german - You" Hallo, du kannst hier das deutsche Sprachfile für das Add-on "Link Managment" von [PiX-house.com] herunter laden. Es handelt sich um die Version "Deutsch - Du" Support...
  13. au lait

    Dead Link Management 1.2

    Please look at the pictures and the demo! After installation, you find the „Dead Link Managment“ in the Tools and in the Rebuild Caches section. Scroll down and set your time frame. Perhaps it is better to choose smaller time frames, cause the search takes time. This maintenance run must be...
  14. au lait

    Link Management 1.5.1

    Info: Please review this add-on, if you like it. This helps other people to decide. According to various rules this Add-on hides links in post, signature, profile-post, quotes and media-bbCode (ACP -> BB Code Media Sites), IMG BBCode for eligible user groups. Features: - hidden links in post...