XF 2.0 How to link posts?


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I want to link the posts. I can link the post no. But suppose there's 5 different terms explained in a post named P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. So i want to create a link that automatically goes to P2 or P4. How to do that?
If you look at the post you want to link to there is a small # number by the top right of the actual post. You can copy that hyperlink



Thats your original post

First, Thanks for your reply. But as i already mentioned, i'm asking about the contents in post not the post no. I can link the different post marked with # symbol. To be more precise and clear, you created a Thread and there are 5 replies to it. So the 5 posts will be marked as #1, #2 #3 and so on. I can easily link #1 to #5. But suppose if you wrote about 5 different terms or 5 different friends and their work in your first post. So the friends are A, B, C, D and E. And the work are X, Y, Z, 1, and 2. So how do i link to Y? or the Z? I can link your first post and here's the example.
I misread your post - my apologies.

I am really sorry but I am not understanding what you are trying to achieve.

Is this addon what you are trying to do ?

No worries. It happens. And once again, let me explain it here. And no, that's not. I understand what a Bookmark is.

PC - Description

Laptop - Description

XBOX - Description

PS4 - Description

Monitor - Description

This is the post and i want to link PS4. How can i do that?
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