[rellect] Favicon for Links

Unmaintained [rellect] Favicon for Links 2.1.0

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This addon is now also available for xenforo 2.x
You can find it at the following link:
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What's new
  1. Added file health check.
  2. Improved js code efficiency.
  3. Added a user specific setting to disable Favicon for Links. This will allow users that don't like the favicon next to links to disable it.
    The setting is placed in the account preferences page.

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This is a major update, which breaks backward compatibility.
Any customizations to the addon won't work and will need to be re-applied.
The templates or/and style properties of the addon that you may have edit, should be reverted.


The code has been rewritten (most of it), and due to the length of if, I decided to save the code to a file (previously the whole code was inserted inline with <script> tags). The package contains a minified file for production, and a full version for development use.

Options Page

The option to exclude signature links, which was a style property setting, is now removed.
I re-created it in a new options page, with additional excluding options.


Note: you should re-enable the signature excluding if you checked that in the old setting. This is not imported to the new options page automatically.

Auto Direction Detection

This change was necessary for multi-language sites.
The favicon always been inserted to the left side (for LTR sites) or the right side (for RTL sites). This worked fine as long as the posted text was in the same language-direction as the site itself. But what about a mixed content? That wasn't handled, until now. From now the favicon position will be decided based on the text language-direction, and not by the site's direction.

This is an example how it looked before, and how it looks now (the text in RTL is in Hebrew)


Support for more content types

Favicons will now be displayed in more content types, including:
Profile Posts, Resources and Resource Updates.

Maintain update.

[FIXED] Auto http/https protocol detection applied, for those who use SSL.
[CHANGED] A trivial js change to improve the function that sets favicons in new (quick) replies.
A file was removed in this version, and I forgot to remove the call from the xml. Sorry.
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Something was missing in the javascript to properly escape the code.
It caused to a few issues in IE9 and lower. Other browsers were not affected (as far as I know).

Please update as soon as possible.
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- Minor css issue that showed the favicon repeatedly in some browsers. Thanks @CRDeveloper
  1. Favicons disappears when message is edited.
  2. Favicons don't show up when message is submitted in the quick reply.
Both issues are now fixed.
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  1. Added (style property) option to disable favicons in signatures.
  2. Added style property for the favicon styling, it is no longer hard coded.
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  1. Replaced the service that pulled the favicons with Google's service.
    More reliable, stable and faster.
  2. Fixed an issue when sometimes no favicon was found, even though there was one.
  3. Earth icon no longer appears next to links when the addon is disabled.
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