Post Friction

Post Friction 1.6.1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Fix "thread is locked" displaying on open threads
  • New option "Locked Thread Warning", display a warning when a user who can post to a locked thread posts to a locked thread (as there may be a lack of visual feedback)
  • Fixed some missing phrases
  • Ensure table collation is set to UTF8
  • Fix error when a non-admin interacts with a thread friction settings without the 'blacklist' flag.
  • Min-word count for thread titles, as separate to first post text size.
  • Forum default for post delay
  • Display 'new thread' text rather than 'new reply' text for a new thread.
  • Permission-based acceptance of the friction warning, if they do not have the permission they to accept they can't post.
  • Separate word count min/max into new thread vs replies
  • Support for blacklisting a thread vai custom template variable.
    • Allow an administrator to mark a thread as "blacklisted" which sets the variable {$svBlacklisted} to the given string for the PAGE_CONTAINER and template variables.
    • Useful to prevent a thread from receiving ads.
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  • Fix undefined variable warning when touching a thread's post friction configuration page without the Post Rating add-on installed & active.
  • New warning triggers:
    • High word count
    • Too fast reply after an existing reply (Requires Redis Cache)
  • New per forum defaults for age cut-off, low and high word counts which override global defaults, but are overridden by thread settings.
  • White list a rating (Post Rating)
    • Allows ratings which are not accessible for a forum to be used in a particular thread.
  • Fix performance regression when merging threads or moving posts between threads
  • Improve performance of viewing Post Friction with large numbers of users
  • Add nav bar to top of the post friction user list
  • Fix undefined method _getUserModel when another of my add-ons is not installed.
  • Make year(s) phrase global
  • When displaying an old thread warning that is more than 3 months to 1 year old, correctly compute the age in months.