Post Friction

Post Friction 1.6.1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
With this addon you can force your members to post titles and messages of minimum length and make them rethink if they really want to necro an ancient thread. All set per usergroup and forum. Anything Xon develops is created with the highest care and quality standards. Therefore I can recommend this addon and pretty much any addon Xon offers.
Awesome AddOn by an awesome developer! :) I've requested a small little feature and he provided the new version in a couple of hours! Works flawless...
Must have add-on. This is a great alternative to post count limit which in some situation could be a harsh measurement. A friendly way to warn members and effective! Awesome support from a great dev. Thanks Xon!
Requested this from @Xon to help cut down on spammy chatter posts in threads where it is undesirable via a soft word-count limit (rather than than the built-in board-wide hard limit.) Does exactly what I expected it to.