Bookmarks 2.0.5

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Amazing add-on and amazing developer. Never experienced any major issues with any of Xon's premium resources, in fact when I experienced a slight incompatibility on my end, Xon the developer was kind enough to go out of their way and fix something that was not caused by them what so ever. You cannot go wrong with this purchase! Repeat customer here, year after year!
We've had Bookmarks installed for years, there was at some point a plateau in its development (before Xon's time).

Now that Xon is developing it, we're seeing new updates and are glad about it.

Being able to select a single piece of content and bookmark it for later review is invaluable. Our members love the add-on, and that's what matters, right.

Thumbs up!
Great add-on and great support! Thank you very much for maintaining these add-ons and fixing any issues that arise! :)
This was worth every penny. One of the most well thought out addons I've ever installed. My members love it, really slick work here. Thanks!
This add-on is very user friendly and integrates perfectly. My users can now share their favorite recipe-collections and create a collection of their favorite posts. It`s also a great tool for moderators as they can insert often used text snippets with a few clicks. Will try the showcase integration soon. I hope support for XFMG will also be added some day.
Purchased, installed and working like a charm in Xenforo 1.4.5/php 5.4
Awesome, very useful! 100% recommended.
Please keep update this great addon.
Thanks so much Daniel! good job! ★★★★★
Thank you for your kind words. Glad you're enjoying the add on.
I had a member request bookmarking/favourites. I'm happy there was an add-on for it and a very good one too! Could it support XR also one day maybe? Cheers Daniel :)
Thanks for the feedback. I do plan to add support for more content types in the future. It's going to require major changes so it's going to be a while though. Hope you enjoy the add on.
Works great. Really needed addition. Thx
Excellent addon, syndol's work is so detailed and our users love the bookmarks!
Excellent and comprehensive product, even with 10 add-ons, installed without a hiccup!
Super. Thanks
A quality, well developed add on. The amount of time and effort put into it is evident. It installs and works without a hitch. What more could you need?
needed features. works fine. excellent support. this counts for all essentials addons from Syndol.
*Kicks Syndol up the arse* Great support and constant fixing when the product needs those fixes. Never regretted purchasing this and still happy with the product to this day.
Thanks Shelley., At least we know one customer is still satisfied with the add-on :-)
Excellent. Constant improvements and fixes. 5 stars.
Great add-on but more to say Syndol is always quick in updating his add-ons and with welcome features. 5 stars all day long.
Fantastic! Love having this addon - especially perfect for a books related site - and the author is very attentive to his addon's and his customers
Works great. I really like this add-on, and I think it would be useful for my users :)
Another excellent update with the update being Resource Manager support. Amazing work as always Syndol.
Another great update!