1. Mr. Jinx

    Similar threads: add weight to title matches

    I would like to see an option for similar threads to add more weight to topic titles. Currently, the suggested threads do not always seem to match very well, resulting in completely different topic suggestions. With this extra control, I'm hoping to finetune the results some more and give...
  2. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Thumbnail 1.6.3

    Note After installing, please go to AdminCP -> Tools -> Cron entries -> Fetch Thumbnail & run. Introduce Allow users to enable cover image for their threads and add thumbnails to forum view. Customize thumbnail for each thread. Supports attachment images, external images and thumbnail from...
  3. XDinc

    [XTR] Thread Rating System 1.0.3

    Ratings let us know what you find important and feel should be acknowledged - it gives you a say in what goes on in the forum, and lets other people know that you value and appreciate the time given by those who share their knowledge! Threads rated with three to five stars can also lead to...
  4. Refrizor

    XF 2.2 Skip main description box in a post

    Howdy! We are doing a little XenForo form entry with the integrated thread fields, and I am wondering if it is possible to make it so users do not have to type in the main thread box (just the title). Thanks!
  5. M

    Undelete option for batch update threads

    There is no undelete option on the batch update threads. I'll have to manually undelete 100 or so threads... Unstick threads Lock threads Unlock threads Approve threads Unapprove threads Soft delete threads
  6. XDinc

    [XTR] Golden Threads 1.0.4

    What's the mean of Golden Thread? Golden Threads is a powerful add-on with all the options that you would need to display your popular threads. It comes with a simple settings page where you can choose the time range. This allows you to show posts trending during a particular year or month...
  7. delifix

    Not a bug thread tags not showing

    i enabled content tagging and i installed "Tag Essentials 1.6.2" but tags not showing in thread pages.
  8. Alpha1

    Automatically load new replies

    When someone posts a new reply that you are looking at, XenForo automatically loads a message that a new reply was posted. The user needs to click to make it visible. Please add a function to automatically load the reply. This is much more intuitive and is what people are used to on social...
  9. L

    Add-on Statistics

    The new add-on I am currently working on provides various statistics pertaining to your forum. It is currently in it's infancy. The stats shown in the screen shot are just basic stats. More detailed statistics to come. I also need to integrate my forum thread views add-on from XF 1.x into this...
  10. Nocturne

    XF 2.1 Changed Locked Threads Background Colour In Thread List

    Hello! I have been trying to work out how to change the background colour of threads that have been locked when viewed in the forum list, and I just can't fathom it... I did a search here and found the following thread:
  11. BassMan

    [cXF] Threads and Messages counter permissons 1.0.0

    Description: Show or hide threads and messages counter on forum list with permissions. < with permission to show > < with permission set to hide > < user group permissions >
  12. Mian Shahid

    [ITD] Add All Posts & Threads by User in Member Card II 2.1.4

    This Add-on will add "Find all posts" and "Find all started threads" of a member, in Member's Menu Card. Before: After: Instructions: Download the attachment. Log in to your BU and go to addon page. Select Install/upgrade from archive.. That's all :) Sending a donation: If you like...
  13. 021

    [BS] Similar threads 2.2.5

    .features: Show similar threads when creating a thread Limit similar threads Search only in the thread forum Exclude forums for similar threads Similar threads widget
  14. creativeforge

    XF 2.1 Changing Number of Posts Doesn't Work

    I looked in the Admin/Setup/Options/Threads, Discussion and Conversations. The number of Discussions per page is at 25. But on the forum, it displays 21 posts per page. I tried changing it to 20 but there were no changes. Am I doing this wrong? Is there another setting I can move to modify...
  15. jazz_aaf

    [Jazzaaf] Popular Content 1.0.0

    In xenForo 1, we used an addon ( WDB Popular Content ) to show the most popular content in our forum (i.e. most replied threads, most liked threads, etc.). Unfortunately, the addon developer did not update the resource to work with XF2. So, we developed this addon to replace the old one. It...
  16. Rasbuon

    Not a bug Cant move threads

    When I move thread this error always come up You do not have permission to use thread_prefix(no.) prefix in selected forum Please help me how to solve this problem
  17. Banxix

    Unmaintained [Banxix] Auto Close Threads 1.0.1 Patch 2

    The addons allow you to automatically close threads after X minutes in specified forums. Conditions: Close threads after X minutes. Close based on Thread creation date or last message date. Exclude sticky threads. Exclude usergroups. Performance impact: None Query: None I have just written...
  18. truonglv

    [tl] Threads, posts and conversations per page 2.0.4

    Description: Allow user set custom threads, posts and conversations per page Options: Set number of values threads per page Set number of values posts per page Set number of values conversations per page Set number of values conversation messages per page Permissions: Allow user can set...
  19. Mr. Jinx

    Forum Index Tweak

    Mr. Jinx submitted a new resource: Hide Threads and/or Messages stats from forum list - Add extra style options to hide the threads and/or messages stats column from the forum list Read more about this resource...
  20. Mr. Jinx

    Forum Index Tweak 2.1.0

    "Less is More" This easy to install add-on will add some options to hide the avatars and threads/messages stats columns from your forum list. The idea is to make your forum index easy to read and understand for your forum members. Simplicity. A regular member does not need the extra...